10 Amazing Wrap Around Porch Ideas

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Wrap around porches are a popular feature on many farmhouse style homes, and have become increasingly popular in recent years for so many other styles as well. Victorian homes are another classic example of how long wrap around porches have been in style, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. There are tons of different styles though, so if you think you don’t have the home for a wrap around porch, think again!

Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch

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Wrap around porch farmhouse style also makes a great home design ideas. Usually tucked away under a metal roof, these large porches surround the whole house, or most of the house, and often include rocking chairs and porch swings and Grandma’s sipping sweet tea. They became very popular in the south, but have since made their way all over the nation.

Craftsman Style

Craftsman Wrap Around Porch

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This style of porch is spacious and also allows lower-level windows to stay shaded, which is especially helpful during summer time. The tapered columns show off their style as they uphold the exposed rafters and overhangs.

Simple Wraparound

Simple Wrap Around Porch

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Just as it sounds, this simple wrap around porch is small and sometimes narrow. They often times won’t include railings or even steps, they’re flush with the ground, but you can walk the perimeter of the house.

Colonial Style

Colonial Style Porch

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This elegant design boasts high pillars, long steps and plenty of sitting room. It adds character to older style homes, and looks especially good on homes with high ceilings.

Victorian Style

Victorian Front Porch

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This has always been a fan favorite due to their unique designs. Many old Victorian homes include wrap around porches, but what they have that most don’t have is interestingly shaped pillars and entryways.

One Sided Porch

One Sided Porch

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This style is common when you need to save space, but still want the big porch. Often times it’ll include a large front porch, then it’ll veer off to one side and wrap around the back of the house.

BrooksideProject LeanneFord2022WEB 75 8602e6797c6d4d1f9029d670468b4961

Design by Leanne Ford Interiors, Photo by Erin Kelly

To create an inviting outdoor space, you can decorate your wrap around porch in many ways. Like we previously mentioned, rocking chairs and porch swings are always a welcoming addition, plenty of seating is always a plus. Also, some kind of lighting aside form the porch light would be nice. You could hang little lanterns, or string lights along the eaves of the porch. Some people even hang curtains in certain sections of the porch to allow for more privacy.

24 Boho Bungalow Remodel Exterior e4794a2b40d7445399282532c149d157

Design by Martha O’Hara Interiors, Photo by Spacecrafting Photography

When designing your wrap around front porch there are many things to consider. How wide do you want your porch, and will your roof hang far enough over? What kind of pillars do you think would go best with the design of your home’s exterior? Big chunky pillars, or slim sleek ones? Should you add decorative brackets onto those pillars for some extra pizzazz? What type of handrails do you want along the edge of the porch? And what design should be in the center of those railings?

TERRECEIAISLANDHOME 533951adce9c4a44833c96e76986bcdd

Design by Lisa Gilmore Design, Photo by Seamus Payne

These are common questions you’ll find yourself asking when you decide to install a porch like this. It’s important to do your research and figure out what would be best for your home’s structure. Not to mention you’ll need to be sure permitting allows for your big ideas.

interior design ideas MHouse 12 6 19 37

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Wrap around porches are charming and efficient, especially if you like having company. They offer another place to relax aside form crowding inside the home, and they’re a spacious place to enjoy nature without having to be in the sun. Again, there are endless options when making this addition, but don’t feel overwhelmed. It’ll be well worth it in the end when you sit on your finished wrap around porch and finally get to enjoy all your hard work.

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