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The most loved part of the home often happens to be the window bay, not only because bay windows often look charming but also because you can sit at the bay reading your favorite book or working on a laptop while looking through the window.

Not everyone will have the perfect view through the window and enjoy the scapes of nature, which is when the bay window and its decoration come in handy. Decorating the bay window does not necessarily have to be challenging; it can be fun and look even better than you expected. We curated our list of the 10 best bay window ideas hoping that you’ll find the perfect inspiration for your next design.

While the bay windows are usually designed without a sitting area, if there is one, consider reading our article about bathroom wainscoting that may give you some inspiration for wall paneling or wainscoting at the seating area at the bay. It is not entirely related to the topic, but you may find some inspiration there! 

What Is The Bay Window

What Is The Bay Window

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Most people know what it is, but if you live in a house without one and are not familiar with one, we will explain it here!

The bay window is simply a part of the wall with windows, except that there is not only one window, but often three or four windows. It usually has a polygonal, rectangular, or arc shape, and its purpose is to admit more light than a regular window could. The most used form of the bay is the isosceles trapezoid, while most medieval bay windows are oriel windows up to the Baroque era. It has been present since epochs ago, in many cultures and forms.

Its design angles out beyond the wall outwards, usually at 90 degrees, forming a bay with more view angles than the regular one. It is generally in the living room, but it does not have to be the case since when the house is in the design process, the bay can be put in any room, making it versatile; last but not least, it can also be called a bow window.

Why Opt For a Bay Window?

Why Opt For a Bay Window?

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The bay window provides a luxurious look to the house, and it lets much more light in, making it an excellent option for a home to have. It looks good from the inside and outside, but you can also make a DIY seating place at the bay, which would make it ideal for sitting or leaning and reading a book or working on the laptop. 

There are only a few options if you want the bay window to be installed on the walls of your house. Either when the house is in the design process or when you plan a general house rebuild, since the bay window is generally the part of the wall, and regular people cannot install it easily.

It will not be so cheap if you only want to install the bay window and if you are not doing a complete rebuild. Still, it can improve the look of your house both from the inside and the outside. 

Uses Of The Bay Window

Uses Of The Bay Window

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While it is designed to maintain a luxurious feel, it can also be used for many other things. You can put the working desk in the bay area if it is located in the bedroom or the home office. The other great use of it is, as mentioned before, a sitting area that can be created in a DIY way or professionally. Another one is to put the smaller table next to it if the view is excellent and have a casual dinner with a view. There are many options you can use the bay window for, some of which are mentioned above; it is up to you to decide. 

Conclusion And More Ideas

Conclusion And More Ideas

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We hope that our curation was significant enough to inspire many readers, and we hope you learned something new about the bay windows. There are many forms of bay windows in different styles from different eras. We talked about the usage and the best ideas for decorating those while keeping bay windows’ originality and style. 

Thank you for reading our latest article, and if you liked it, consider checking our other articles out by clicking here.


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