10+ Best Modern House Interior Design Picks 

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Aesthetics standards change over time, and so do the interior design preferences. Many different interior design styles have been popular for some time and have been surpassed by new trends. 

We have curated the list of our favorite modern house interiors for 2022 to help you with your next remodeling project and hopefully provide some inspiration. Today, we will talk about what a modern house interior is, how it has changed through the years, and what is considered a modern house today in the 21st century. Keep reading this article to find out more exciting things about the modern house interior design! 

History Of Modern House Interior Design

Interior design by MXMA Architecture & Design – click the right arrow for more photos of this modern house.


As the name says, modern represents the present, the thing that is the latest in its category. Each era has its own modernity, and the modernity related to interior design has changed many times. There had been many different styles from different ages, and the first approach to it was noted in the prehistoric dwellings, and it was the items made of the animal skin, the mud, and sticks. 

Many other things were drastically improved as the technology evolved, including interior design, so the demands grew, leading to people wanting new things. With technological and architectural advancements, homes were improving over time, which led to changing the styles and tastes in the design. Homes were first only used as a shelter until people realized they wanted to live in a more stylish environment, and that is how the interior design started to occur. Today, there are many interior design styles like the industrial style, the nautical, minimalist, and many more. 

The Modern Home Of The 21st Century 


By Corinna and Marcus Lee. View more on themodernhouse.com

The modern house design of the 21st century is usually about minimalism and clutter-free space with fewer distractions and more area, with generally less than three colors and sharp edges. There sometimes can be elements like marble or granite used for decorative purposes and to express texture, which is very common nowadays.

The furniture is generally the same style, minimal, with fewer textures and patterns, typically shaped geometrically, with sharp edges and more petite curves. Generally, the modern house typical for the 21st century is all about what is trendy, such as granite, marble, neutral colors, and metal or plastic finishes from the inside. 

Tech items such as voice assistants are widespread in modern house design nowadays. The things that come in handy such as the in-wall speakers and cellphone-controlled AC are nowadays a new normal, making our lives much more manageable. 

Conclusion And More Selections

Conclusion And More Selections

Photo by Richard Powers, interior design by Waldo Fernandez

In fact, the modern house interior of today’s interior design is, as we talked about, what’s trendy in the 21st century, what people expect to see matching today’s demands, and what is in today’s style. The needs changed from time to time as technological advancements were taking place.

It became easy to decorate your home without hiring an expert, simply by looking at the inspirations on the internet. Thanks to new inventions, living today is much easier than in the past; we have much cheaper access to many more things, and modern homes can be built for less money. As new trends grew, home decor became easy to pick, as today, everything can be a home decor if it blends nicely with the rest of the home, making things way more versatile. 

Thank you for reading our latest article about modern house design; we hope you enjoyed it and found the perfect inspiration for your next project. If you like the article, consider reading our other blog articles by clicking here, and don’t forget to scroll down for even more beautiful modern house interior design. 

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Designer Waldo Fernandez, architect Michael Kovac, photo by Roger Davies. 1980 John Lautner beach house in Malibu, California.

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wall art interior design

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By Chamizer Architects

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By cakovandpartners.sk

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By Studio Noa

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