10 Best Modern Kitchen Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With 

by planetofinterior

Modern is what most of us strive for. While it is always a great idea to combine vintage and modern in interior design, in some cases, the contemporary interior design can be both beautiful and charming. 

The modern kitchen, just like the other everyday modern things, follows this era, and the meaning of “modern” is the things related to the present, opposing the past. 

As of today’s topic, the modern kitchen is defined by clean lines, fewer colors (one or two), minimalism, and natural lights. 

Like everything that needs to be designed needs a source of inspiration, we have curated the list of 10 best modern kitchen ideas that we believe you’ll fall in love with and get inspired. 

Modern Kitchen Ideas

We have curated the top 10 modern kitchen ideas to inspire your next project with mostly minimalistic kitchen designs!

Modern Kitchen Ideas

By williamhefner.com

Browns in combination with whites make a great atmosphere in this contemporary kitchen with a slightly coffered ceiling and marble backsplash. The kitchen island with a marble countertop and wooden details looks stunning in this photo. It is overall a great kitchen design, and everything appears to be well designed and composed.

studio william hefner flight DR 03 wide full lit 2

By williamhefner.com

The kitchen and dining room combined in one space appear to be a perfect idea. This open kitchen and bar concept always looks stunning. The colors, textures, and modern touch are great examples. Details like the ceiling lamps above the dining table and bar chairs make the atmosphere appear even better!

Oakleigh K G Dodd 001 22

By cambriausa.com

A kitchen island that serves as a dining table appears to be another great idea! The color and material selection are perfect, while the tall ceilings and those beautiful lamps that hang over the kitchen island make a genuinely gorgeous modern kitchen atmosphere.

TristanThompson ENC7

By studiokt.com

A kitchen with a little more classic look can also be a great example of a modern one. Marble-looking elements like the island countertop that spreads to the floor and the chairs that resemble a vintage look combined with the contemporary are genuinely unique and contribute to the overall kitchen design. The colors match perfectly, just like the other things that make this modern kitchen look outstanding.

21 2

By sellarslathrop.com

This modern kitchen is more on the minimal side, and it looks stunning. The accessories like the tv and the iPad holder add even more practicality to this fantastic kitchen. Beige countertops and light brown,m, and glossy white cabinet doors look great in this kitchen.

dc4075 001 1

By rveyjones.com

This kitchen looks great and timeless, a little more on the classic side, but still with modern and timeless elements like the herringbone-patterned floor and black window frames. Its theme, the blue colors combined with clean lines and chic details create a fantastic kitchen.

By nordiskakok.com

The perfect idea of what a modern kitchen looks like. Clean lines, fewer colors, and chic elements that contribute to its modernity create a minimal, stylish, and clutter-free look. This kitchen is designed with minimalism and resembles today’s design demands.

@rebeccanokesdesignmodernkitchenideasfifimcgee 2

By @rebeccanokesdesign on Instagram

Another minimal, modern, and clutter-free kitchen with stylish floor tiles and chic decor items looks fantastic. The marble countertop in white and cabinets in black resemble today’s contemporary look, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere. This kitchen is practical and stylish at the same time, making it a perfect, minimal modern kitchen.

@m.elle .designmodernkitchenideasfifimcgee

By @m.elle.design on Instagram

This modern kitchen’s classically styled yet modern design shines a warm and welcoming feeling. Glass cabinet doors and white countertops are the most appealing details in this beautiful kitchen. In contrast, the other dark brown details create a great composition, while those chic chairs add even more beauty to this kitchen.

image asset

By robertpassal.com

Last but not least, another minimal and modern kitchen with modern details looks excellent! We love those chairs and the thickness of the countertop that makes the atmosphere look even better. The light brown details contribute to the overall feeling of this kitchen, making it look even better.


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