10 Best Sage Green Interiors You’ll Fall In Love With

by planetofinterior

Sage green is a green-grey combination, and it resembles the dried sage leaves. It is a great earthy tone ideal for use in interior design. Its usage became mainstream, making it the new trend that slowly but steadily became viral among neutral interior design projects in 2022. 

There are many home decor items people paint, such as old furniture pieces reused and painted in sage green; every relevant object can be painted with this color, from the walls to the furniture and wall moldings, making this color versatile.  

Welcome to our latest article. We have curated our list of the best 10 sage green interior designs to inspire your next renovating project. We have recently posted an article about the taupe color, and if you are interested, you can read it and explore the selections here. 

What Is a Sage Green Color? 

What Is a Sage Green Color? 

By arborand.co

As we mentioned above, Sage green is the color that resembles the dried sage leaves, and it has a green-grey tint. It has the qualities of silver-grey, making it an ideal earthy tone, and it is an excellent alternative to neutrals. Its usage is widely versatile as you can paint many interior design pieces in that color, and it would only get better and better. 

Sage Green Becomes More And More Popular

Sage Green Becomes More And More Popular

By erinwilliamsondesign.com

People are obsessed with the shade of that earthy color, and it will become the perfect shade for 2022. Many companies produce a sage green color, assuming that it will be an ideal shade for various furniture pieces and walls. And those companies’ assumptions are correct! Sage green is indeed a healing color for your eyes, and in general, green is the

healing color. 

More Selections

shutterstock 2015062673 organicgreen closetotheflame release

Poster frame mock-up in home interior background with sofa, table and decor in living room, 3d render

By  Jotun Lady, via lindaskaret.com

Minimal details in this beautifully curated area make this example a great idea of what a sage green space should look like. The combination of vintage and modern never fails to amaze us.


By Farrow & Ball

This kitchen is also a great example of the vintage combination with modern, while the wall panels painted in the color we talk about contribute to the overall feel, which is excellent.

green and brown bedroom

Via 1stDibs

A dark green bedroom with beautiful accessories reminds of the vintage style looks elegant in this photo.

sage green bedroom ideas

Via Oanh Phuong

This bedroom is defined by the vast windows providing an airy and calm feel. The wall tiles seem like a perfect idea in combination with the green color most of the elements in this photo are painted in. The accessories are well combined and blend perfectly with everything else here.


Via cocolapinedesign.com and farmersdaughterinteriors.com

A little on the minimal side is always a great idea. This living area seems well composed with a great choice of green tones. With well-chosen furnishings, this space provides an elegant feel.


Via The White House Daylesford

A home that reminds a little of the farmhouse style, painted in this type of green, really looks fantastic. With the door that leads directly into a backyard and other aesthetics that are perfectly created, this interior design is charming.

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Emerald Terrace

The clean, clutter-free, and well-organized look of this bedroom painted in sage green looks fantastic. Well-chosen bedding and other things indeed create a charming atmosphere.

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Kate Spiers

Last but not least is this kitchen where the color is implemented the best way. Vintage combined with the contemporary indeed makes a great interior design.


Sage green is indeed an excellent color for 2022. It quickly becomes popular among interior designers and people who want to repaint their room DIY. The color is charming, and it is pretty comfortable to spend time in a room painted in that color.
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