15 Beautiful Pantry Door Ideas That Will Make You Want More

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The kitchen is a place where everyone gathers, even your guests. That’s why creating a welcoming and organized kitchen will make everyone feel at home and excited to see what’s cooking, and these pantry door ideas will help you to incorporate all of these things!

Single Door

Single Door

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These are the most popular style of pantry doors. Single doors swing open and are usually installed so they swing outward, much like your cabinet doors.

Double Door

Double Door

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These include two doors, placed side by side and they include their own hinges. They open individually and can either be swinging doors or can slide.

Wood Door

Wood Door

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Wood pantry doors mesh well in rustic or country themed homes and they can easily be an at home do-it-yourself project. You could even use the same style for both the pantry door and the flooring to make it blend together perfectly.

Glass Door

Glass Pantry Door


Glass pantry doors can offer more natural light inside your pantry, or in a small space they can make it feel larger. It gives an open feel to your kitchen while also letting you peek inside without going in.

Frosted Glass Door

Frosted Glass Pantry Door

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While you can’t peek inside with frosted glass doors, they do still add a lively touch to your kitchen and give it that open feel.

Sliding Door

Sliding Pantry Door

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A sliding pantry door can give a rustic vibe and also help to maximize floor space by avoiding a swinging door that can get in the way of your kitchen activities. They roll across tracks and come in many different styles and designs.

Barn Door

Barn Door

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Barn doors, much like sliding doors, are rolled across tracks and are space saving. These doors are generally made of wood and can also be a do-it-yourself project since more and more companies are offering kits so you can build them at home now.

Farmhouse Pantry Door

13 a farmhouse pantry with a dark sliding door which doesnt take any space and makes a statement with its color

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Often confused with barn doors, farmhouse style doors also slide along tracks, but they have a different vibe to them. They are usually found in country homes and display natural, weathered or distressed wood instead of perfectly manicured wood.

Antique Door

Antique Door

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An antique pantry door can really change the whole feeling of your kitchen. Much like the Victorian style doors, your pantry will be a conversation piece every time a new guest stops in. They offer a one of a kind charm that will set your kitchen apart from others.

Chalkboard Painted Doors

Chalkboard Painted Doors

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Chalkboard doors and walls have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. It’s great for kids, grocery lists, and more. You can write notes to loved ones, hang pictures, or use it to display this week’s dinner menu.

Screen Door

Screen Pantry Door

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This one may sound silly, and they are usually found in restaurant kitchens, but they can add a homey touch to a cottage or country home that fits the theme and feels inviting.

French Pantry Door

French Pantry Door

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The fancy pantry doors will add an elegant touch to your kitchen. They are often two doors that open individually, and are paneled with glass windows from top to bottom. They add an old-timer feel while also making your kitchen seem a little bigger.

Dutch Door

Dutch Pantry Door

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These are often referred to as ‘half door’ due to their separate top and bottom half. The top can be opened while the bottom stays closed, and vise versa. They were much more popular throughout homes in earlier years, but they’re a great option for party doors.

Door Organizer

Pantry Door Organizer

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You can use your pantry door for storage or organization. Incorporate nooks and shelves to add extra space.

Door Signs

Door Signs

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Add words to your existing pantry to spruce it up. You can buy decals, paint it yourself, or use etched glass.

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