15+ Best Living Room Decor Selections For 2022

by planetofinterior

Living room decor is essential to have in mind when decorating your home. Picking the right home decor items can drastically improve the look and feel of your living room, so it is a great idea to experiment with different things. We have curated our list of the 15+ best living room decor ideas that will come in handy when decorating your new living area! 

Today, we will talk about the living room decor related things, such as 

  • What is living room decor 
  • What you should have in mind when picking the right one
  • Where to get living room decor 
  • Combining and experimenting
  • More ideas

So keep reading to learn something new and get inspired by the selections we curated. 

What Is Living Room Decor?

What Is Living Room Decor?

By Katie Charlotte

As the name says, living room decor is the decoration items that make the living room appear more attractive. Those contribute to the overall design and have purposes such as serving the aesthetics and fulfilling the space, so it seems less bland and empty.

The living room decor can be used in every living room; the only thing is that it, in some cases, needs to match the style. However, matching the style is not always the thing, as making contrast in the living room can sometimes be even better than if all things were the same style, making the decor versatile.

Living room decor pieces can be everything you think will improve the room’s looks. It can be anything from the vintage pieces bought in the thrift store to the items you created yourself using your local home improvement store materials. 

What You Should Have In Mind When Picking The Right One?

What You Should Have In Mind When Picking The Right One?

By Little Greene

As mentioned above, picking the right home decor is about matching the style or making a contrast between those. Try matching colors of living room decor items to create a well-blending composition if you want your living room to be more minimal, and you don’t want things to noticeably stand out. On the other hand, if you want a more classical look with a little more contrast, you should go for making a contrast between the colors, like black and white or dark and bright colors; the best option would be to do that according to a color wheel, as it explains matching colors the best way.

Contrasting the styles is also an essential part of decoration if you want your living room decor to stand out a little. Incorporating vintage elements in your minimal living room can sometimes make a great combination. There are many different styles, and what we think would be the best match is the minimal interior design with the decor items with earthy tones, the ones usually found in Mediterranean homes, like the ones made of terracotta. So generally, when decorating the living room, the best way is to experiment with different items in different colors and textures to create the perfect match.

Combining more than three styles is not recommended to keep the look clean and clutter-free, and in most cases, the decor items with many colors and splashes would not fit the best way unless you want the space to be in bohemian style or similar.

Where To Get Living Room Decor?

Where To Get Living Room Decor?

By Andrew Dominic Furniture)

Most of those are very easy to find and are often inexpensive. You can either shop online from your favorite websites or simply look for the living room decor item you think would work the best, and most of the time, those photos are linked to a website that sells them. The other way to shop for decor items is to visit a local home improvement store and create those yourself or buy already created ones at the local thrift store or other home decor store.

Picking used decor items usually works excellent if you look for vintage things, which we talked about before. Since everything can be a home decor item, you can even look for the leftover pieces of granite or marble and create your own creation using strong glue. So basically, you can buy the decor items at many places, sometimes even the places that do not notably sell decor items. 

Combining And Experimenting

Combining And Experimenting

By  Rikki Snyder & Becca Interiors

One of the excellent practices for picking the correct decor item is experimenting. If you know it looks good before buying it, it will most likely fit the living room. The best way to make sure your new decor piece fits is to use some augmented reality program before buying. Those are generally easy to find for mobile devices and are free on the app store or google play. Many websites that sell decor items also have a built-in AR program that makes picking the decor easier.

You should experiment with many different combinations to determine what looks the best at the given place in the living room. It is essential to mention that size is a crucial thing to have in mind when decorating the living room. The size that is not the right one can lead to some parts of the living room looking incorrectly composed, so you should also play with the size when picking the living room decor. 

Conclusion & More Ideas

living room colors heidi caillier design seattle interior designer n28 tudor printed floral chair green roll arm sofa living room tapered british design spindle chairs 1579715582.jpg?crop=0

By Heidi Caillier Design

It is essential to remember that picking the correct home decor item requires experimenting and comparing. It is excellent to contrast things like the size, color, and style to get the best results. Home decor items and the living room decor can be found everywhere, and everything could serve as one if it looks good enough and fits the room. We hope you learned something new and got inspired by some of the selections of today’s curation, and if you did, consider reading our other articles by clicking here, and keep scrolling for more living room decor ideas! Thanks for reading the article! 

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