15+ Best Wainscoting Bathroom Ideas 

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15+ Best Wainscoting Bathroom Ideas

If you are looking for ideas for your next remodeling project, you came to the right place. In this article, we have curated 15+ wainscoting bathroom ideas that will help you remodel your bathroom to add that chic and refined look, the alternative to wallpaper. We also talked about what the wainscoting bathroom is and what it is in general in this article. 

What Is Wainscoting?

What Is Wainscoting?

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Wainscoting is the architectural practice of putting panels on the lower portion of the walls to create an appealing visual effect, and it gained value in the 18th century. It is now mainly used for ornamentation, and it lost the weight of wall protection as new methods were discovered. Putting wooden panels shaped in various shapes to create a wainscoting bathroom can improve your bathroom’s overall look, adding a slight vintage look while maintaining the modern feel and practicality of the bathroom. 

Wainscoting can be put in any room; usually one-third of the wall height, to keep the look appealing and suitable, making it compositionally correct. If you have someone come over to place the traditional wainscoting in your house, it will be rather expensive, while the wainscoting with applied molding is a lot cheaper and can be installed directly on drywall.

Wainscoting is often mistaken for paneling, being that wainscoting is used to cover one-third of the wall while paneling covers the entire wall. 

It is mainly made of MDF, solid wood, plastic, and vinyl. 

Types Of Wainscoting

Types Of Wainscoting

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There are a few types of wainscoting. One of those is flat wainscoting. 

Flat wainscoting is the style of wainscoting that has no grooves, no beads, or bevels. The only visible part of the flat wainscoting is the panels’ gaps, while the seams will be exposed and concealed using metal strips. 

The other wainscoting type is the board and batten one. It is the panel determined by the regular pattern of the vertical molding boards. It has a bold appearance, and it was popular in the 20th century. 

There are also other types of wainscoting, like the raised panel one, with squares and rectangles, overlay, shiplap, and beadboard wainscoting, which we will talk about later. 

Wainscoting Bathroom

Wainscoting Bathroom


The most used bathroom wainscoting is beadboard. It features flat and very narrow panels, looking more casual than the ornate type of wainscoting usually found in the formal dining room or living room. It can be used for the visible parts of the bathroom and behind the sink or a toilet. It has the role of decoration and can also protect the wall from the water splashes from the bathtub. The most common color for a wainscoting bathroom is white because the bathroom should look and feel sterile, clean, and organized. It is a unique alternative to tiles, and it makes the bathroom feel warmer and more welcoming than if the tiles were used. 

Does Wainscoting Make A Bathroom Look Smaller?

Does Wainscoting Make A Bathroom Look Smaller?

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Yes, in most cases, it does make the bathroom appear smaller in size, but it mostly depends on the color and height of the wainscoting. Great practice for a wainscoting bathroom is if the ceiling is high and the wainscoting is one-third of the wall height. It will not necessarily make a bathroom look smaller. Wainscoting is also great because it can be placed over drywall, or a rigid wall, with glue and nails, making it fit all types of toilets. It is also a great practice to waterproof the wainscoting with Latex Paint or Polyurethane, making it even more suitable for a bathroom. 

If you wondered if wainscoting increases the home value, in most cases, it does not, but the aesthetics and chic look it provides will make the time spent in the bathroom less boring. 

Some Of The Best Selections.

Some Of The Best Selections

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We talked about the wainscoting bathroom in today’s article, and we hope you enjoyed the selections. Thanks for reading the article, and don’t forget that you can find many other exciting blog articles by clicking here. Keep scrolling for more of the exciting selections for today’s post. 

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The Most Desirable Ideas for Wainscoting 39 Sebring Services

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16 black tall wainscoting is a dominating decor feature in this bathroom that makes the space look bold

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White wainscoting bathroom design

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Gray Beige Bathroom Wainscoting

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