Interior Decorating Secrets For Stunning Appearance

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Sitting on a wide-ranging furniture set and surrounded by all the latest interior design trends is a great feeling. It’s even better when you have no idea how you managed to pull it off. In the following article, we will share some interior decorating secrets to give a stunning appearance to your home interior. Ready to know the secrets? Let’s begin!

Interior Decorating Secrets

There are some essential steps to take to create a sophisticated and modern home but are known by very few. They aren’t magic tricks, just simple tips like others, yet people can’t find them in one look. That’s why we named it interior decorating secrets.

  • Wallpaper Your Appliances

Do your appliances look ugly, or does the paint fade away? Then no need to spend too much to buy a new one just because of its look and appearance. Use peel and stick wallpapers to give a new look to them. You can stick these wallpapers to the fridge, coffee maker, washing machine, and other electronic gadgets.

The peel and stick wallpapers can also cover walls instantly or temporarily to hide paint peeling, children’s drawings, color fading, etc. Isn’t this interior decorating secret amazing, right? Then add it to your list!

Wallpaper Appliances

By @emmasherlockltd, photo by @boz_gagovski on Instagram

  • Fake A Window Using A Mirror

Mirrors are the best way to create an illusion of more space since they can reflect and reflect, making the room look bigger than it is. But if you want to imitate a window, you will need something more than that. It would be best to have an opaque mirror instead of a transparent one because the former will reflect light better, create a softer effect, and make an impression similar to looking out a window.

This interior decorating secret is working like magic! People are amazed by this illusion as it brightens up the space and makes it feel bigger.

Window using a mirror

By @styletheclutter on Instagram

  • Stainless Steel With A Matte Finish

It is an excellent metal that is chrome-free, nontoxic, noncorrosive, and easy to clean. Although you may think that it’s too cold or even “cheap metal,” it will add a touch of sleek style to your kitchen, especially if you choose a steel color like dark grey or black.

You can use this stainless steel with a matte finish for cupboards to give a wooden appearance. Besides beauty, a matte finish is ideal for durability and better tarnish resistance. With this interior decorating secret, you save your spend on expensive materials.

By @stevililydesigns on Instagram

By @stevililydesigns on Instagram

  • Hide a radiator or main switches with a cabinet

It’s the best interior decorating secret to hide many things that throw off interior design vision. Radiators, switchboards, or panels are essential yet cause disturbances to the well-designed interior. We can’t just throw them out or move somewhere, so here is the tip to solve the things.

Add a cupboard in your interior design to make all of the hidden back of the door. It allows showcasing your interest in art by painting a design or sticking beautiful scenery on the cupboard. You can also choose animations that would surely make your child love it!

By @alisongremillion on Instagram

By @alisongremillion on Instagram

  • Mix old with new decor:

The best way to create a fantastic look is by combining old and new designs. This interior decorating secret can use in many ways; for example, you can combine modern furniture with antique or vintage items or maybe add a few pieces of art that are more traditional. These both old and new decor will work together to create an overall aesthetic that is quite refined and stylish.

By @monicafjeld on Instagram

By @monicafjeld on Instagram

  • Create an echoing sound:

Here comes one of my favorite interior decorating secrets! It’s fun, relaxed, and very effective in creating an inviting atmosphere. All you have to do is find a glass bowl and put a few small objects inside it. The more things you add, the better the effect will be. Then, arrange an LED bulb in the glass bowl with a dimmer attached to its cord and control light and sound intensity.

By @shelterinteriors and @adamsconstructionservices on Instagram

By @shelterinteriors and @adamsconstructionservices on Instagram

  • Use Lacquer-effect wallpaper:

This interior decorating secret comes from one of the previous trends. Using lacquer-effect wallpaper has become less popular over the last few years since many people thought it was too formal. But there’s something more cool and casual about this hue with its warm, wood-paneled wall. Using a lacquer effect wallpaper is perfect when you have a space that needs to be less formal but makes sure you add some decorative pattern on other parts of the room.

By @divinesavages on Instagram 1

By @divinesavages on Instagram

  • Use multifunctional furniture

One of the most recommended interior decorating secrets is using multifunctional furniture. It is versatile in its ability to adapt to surroundings and can use for multiple purposes in various situations. For example, stools – can use to sit or place your laptop while working. It occupies much less space than chairs or laptop tables yet provides additional surfaces and is easy to move and hides under tables.

Likewise, there are many multifunctional furniture such as shelf floor lamps, storage stools, convertible chair beds, folding tables, sofa beds, chairs with shelving, two-chair bookcase, etc.

By @obokdomku on Instagram

By @obokdomku on Instagram

  • Reuse or Recycle

Reduce, reuse and recycle – the best mantra for home decor and an open interior decorating secret too. Yes, everyone knows about it yet not followed by many. Some may think it’s a waste of time or a bad omen, but we say it’s a brilliant idea to save your spending.

Nowadays, everyone loves to buy recycled things yet is not ready to make themselves. There are many things with simple DIY steps like painting old glass jars as vases, shoes as flower pots, tires as a table, old books as a knife block or picture frames, bottle caps as a wind chime, and many others.

In this way, you can’t lose or throw away your old memories just because they were ripped or damaged!

By @leclairdecor on Instagram

By @leclairdecor on Instagram

  • Collect Unique Pieces

A regular wall clock, dull paintings, or tiny flower vases never compliment your interior unless unique. The unique art piece, the name itself attracts you up to here, so isn’t it eye-pleasing to your visitors.

By @jeanstofferdesign on Instagram

By @jeanstofferdesign on Instagram

There are plenty of wall arts, wooden figures, ceramic vases, glass pendants, etc., available in today’s market at budget-friendly prices. Have some patience finding unique art pieces to add additional charm to your interior design.

Interior designing isn’t an easy thing to do. Still, if you put some time and effort into learning some of those, as mentioned above, interior decorating secrets, it will be awe-inspiring.

I hope these “interior decorating secrets” will help you create your own happy space without much money and time!

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