26 Best Cleaning Tips For Clutter-Free Home

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Welcome to our latest article. In this blog post, we are going to be talking about some home cleaning tips which might help you keep your home clean, and clutter free. Keeping your home clean and organized is very important. By keeping your home clean, you are not only making it look more tidy and organized, but you are also creating a much healthier and more pleasant environment. Keep reading to learn more about the cleaning tips.

Keep reading our newest blog post to find out how to keep your home clean and organized.

Make Your Bed Every Single Morning

A lot of us have busy schedules, and sometimes we just can’t find the motivation to tidy our home. Making your bed every single morning will create a huge impact on your mindset. You’ll feel more productive and more organized, which gives you the motivation to clean your entire home. It’s one of those small things that can help you create good habits. Make Your Bed Every Single Morning

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Utilize Your Time

This is got to be one of the best home cleaning tips when it comes to keeping your home clean and organized. There are many ways to utilize your time, so it’s quite easy to do multiple things at once. For example, if you cook a lot, you can wash the dishes while something is simmering in the background. You can even get a robot vacuum cleaner and let it do the cleaning while you do something else.

Cleaning Tips: Declutterring

This is a wonderful way to make your home look that much cleaner and more organized. You probably have some old clothes or shoes that you don’t wear anymore, some pieces of home décor that you don’t use, or some old pots and pans. You can go to a charity establishment and give away your old clothes and shoes, you can sell the décor that you don’t use at a flea market or sell it online. Decluttering is great because there is less to clean which saves your time and your energy. Cleaning Tips: Declutterring 

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Here are some great decluttering tips:

Create A Decluttering Checklist

It is much easier to declutter when you have a decluttering checklist. This list will help you to stay organized and know where to start. Scan your home for items you want to discard and add them to the list. After that, you can discard them one by one and make your home look larger and more organized.

Take Before And After Photos

Another of the useful cleaning tips is a way to get a visual representation of how your home would look after it’s decluttered. You should consider taking a photo of a small area of your home before, and after it’s decluttered. Just like that, you’ll get a whole new perception of your home, which can help you start decluttering your home.

Taking Your Time To Make a Room Clutter Free

Decluttering can be done in a single day, but it’s best to do it slowly (discard one or a few pieces each day). You shouldn’t rush, because you might end up throwing away some pieces that you wanted to keep in your home.

Get Help From A Friend

It’s much easier to declutter your home when you get help from one of your friends or family members. Your friend or family member can suggest you discard some items. You should then think about that, and make the final decision.

Get Four Boxes And Sort Out All Of Your Items

You should get four boxes and label them like this: trash, re-locate, give away and keep. Make sure to sort out all of your items. This might take a long time, but it will help you to determine which items to keep and which items to discard.

Perceive Your Home As A First-Time Visitor

This is a great way to declutter your home. You should enter your home as if you are visiting the home of somebody else. After you do that, it’s quite easy to see which changes should be made.

Investing In Cleaning Products

There are many good cleaning products on the market right now, so there is plenty to choose from. Investing in a good cleaning product can save you money, time, and energy. You can also have more fun cleaning your home because many modern cleaning products are really fun to use. This will not only help you clean your home more efficiently. It will also give you the motivation to clean your home regularly and keep it organized all the time.

Clean Your Home Clockwise And From Top To Bottom

This is one among the cleaning tips that can help you clean your home more efficiently. Instead of trying to clean the dirtiest parts of a specific room first, you should choose a starting point and work your way clockwise from there. This is great because it allows you the clean the whole space evenly. You should also consider cleaning from top to bottom because the dust settles on lower surfaces.

Find A Place For Every Item

This is got to be one of the best cleaning tips for keeping your home organized all the time. You should get some shoe storage, some baskets or boxes, install some shelves, etc. Losing your remotes can be annoying at times. By getting a small decorative box or basket for storing your remotes, you can fix this problem in no time. When it comes to storing your clothes, you should consider folding them in Marie Kondo’s way of folding. This means that you should create little parcels which all face upwards. Just like that, you’ll have a clear vision of all of your clothes, which can save you a lot of time and space. Find A Place For Every Item

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Create A Cleaning Routine

Time management is one among the cleaning tips that can help you keep your home clean and organized all the time. That’s why you should consider creating a cleaning routine. It is best to write down all the tasks that you want to achieve in a day and just stick to them. If you can’t decide how to make a cleaning routine, then you should look at your day and see if there are any ways to save some time and use it to tidy your home. You can even make two cleaning routines; a morning one and an evening one, making it one of the useful cleaning tips. 

Working Smarter, Not Harder

There are thousands and thousands of different cleaning tips which can help you keep your home clean, organized, and clutter free without too much effort.

Here are some of our favorite cleaning hacks:

Utilize Your Washing Machine And Your Dishwasher

Utilizing your dishwasher, and especially your washing machine is a wonderful way to keep your home clean and organized with almost no effort. You can use your washing machine to wash toys or even shoes, but always make sure to check if the items are safe to wash in the washing machine. The same thing goes for your dishwasher. There are various hacks on how to utilize your dishwasher, so the possibilities are endless. Utilize Your Washing Machine And Your Dishwasher

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Use A Lint Roller For Dusting

Lint rollers are great for dusting. You can clean your couch, your light fixtures, or even your blankets using a lint roller. Some lint rollers can be used multiple times, so it’s a good option to invest in one of those.

Using Magic Erasers Makes Home Clean And Organized

Magic erasers can be used in so many different ways. You can remove stains from your tiles or your shelves, use them to clean shoes, etc. You can get them at many stores, and you can even divide them into a few pieces, so they last a bit longer.

Use Vinegar To Clean Your Showerhead

This is a great among the cleaning tips to clean your showerhead with almost zero effort. All you need is a zip lock bag, some vinegar, and a rubber band. Pour the vinegar into a zip lock bag and submerge the showerhead into the vinegar. Close the bag and secure it using a rubber band. Leave the showerhead like that overnight and then rinse it out using some water. You’ll be surprised at how well this method works. Use Vinegar To Clean Your Showerhead

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Vinegar Has Many More Uses

You can use vinegar to clean many more things, not just shower heads. You can remove the cloudiness from your glasses and plates. Just pour some vinegar onto a kitchen towel, wipe down the glasses and rinse them using some water. Your glasses will look shiny and beautiful.

Another great way to use vinegar is to mix it with some water and clean your microwave. Get a bowl and mix the water with the vinegar. Put the bowl into the microwave and remove it after a few minutes. The steam will loosen up all the residue which you can just wipe off using a kitchen towel. This also works with lemon juice.

Vinegar is also great if you want to unclog your drain. Add some baking soda to your drain and after that add the vinegar. Let it sit like that for a few minutes and rinse it off using some hot water. This is a great way to unclog your drain just by using a few simple household items.

Use An Oven Liner 

Using an oven liner can save you a lot of time and a lot of energy. There are many different kinds of oven liners, so there is plenty to choose from. By using an oven liner you avoid cleaning and scrubbing down your oven, which saves you time and energy.

The Easiest And Fastest Way To Clean Your Blender

Blenders can be quite difficult to clean, especially if you add some sticky ingredients like honey or some syrups. The easiest and fastest way to clean your blender is to add some water and add some dishwashing liquid and let it go for a few seconds. Give everything a rinse using some water and there will be no residue left.

Use A Rubber Glove To Remove Pet Hair

Usually, we only use a vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair. However, sometimes it’s not that convenient to only use a vacuum cleaner, because it might not get all your pet’s hair. When that happens, a great solution to this problem can be using a rubber glove. Just put on the glove and rub against the surface covered in pet hair. The hair will stay on the glove, and it can easily be removed just by rinsing off the glove.

Use Microfiber Products

Microfiber products are great because they attract and hold the dust, instead of just spreading it around. Microfiber products can be more expensive than other products, but they last longer and save you money. Make sure to wash them as instructed on the package, so they last longer.

Use Lemon Juice

You can use lemons and lemon juice to clean many things. You can remove water stains from your faucet using a lemon that has been cut in half. Scrub the faucet using a lemon, until you are happy with the look of it. After that, rinse it using some water and wipe it dry with a kitchen towel.

Another great way to use lemon is by cleaning your cutting board. Cut the lemon in half and scrub your chopping board. You can even soak a kitchen towel in lemon juice and wrap it around your cutting board. After you do that, leave the board to sit overnight and wash it as usual. 

Use Lemon Juice

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Speed Cleaning Tips

This is a great tip if you want to clean your home, but you don’t have much time. You should set a timer and do as much cleaning as you can in that time. You’ll be amazed at how much progress you’ve made in just a short period.

Read The Instructions Written On Your Cleaning Products

When you buy a new cleaning product it is important to read the instructions on how to use it, because some cleaning products need to sit for a bit to fully disinfect the surface which you want to clean, making this one of the useful cleaning tips.

Thank you so much for reading our newest blog post. We hope you enjoyed reading it and learned something new along the way. Cleaning doesn’t always need to be something that you find boring or frustrating. We hope that these tips will help you next time you’re cleaning your home.

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