30 Best Fireplace Decor Ideas That’ll Make You Want More!

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A fireplace is the timeless classic that many homes have. Besides keeping a room warm in the winter, it also serves as an excellent living room decor. 

We have curated some of our favorites to inspire your next decoration project. Keep reading and enjoy our 30 best fireplace decor ideas. 

What Is A Fireplace Decor? 

What Is A Fireplace Decor? 

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A fireplace can still be used as a decoration with modern technologies, HVAC systems, and other electric alternatives that slowly make the fire usage a secondary one. 

Like any other decoration, the fireplace decor is what you put above or next to it to create the feeling you want your living room to feel like. There are many different things you can do to decorate your fireplace. Most people decorate their fireplace around New Year’s eve, but it does not always have to be the case. Though the fireplace is primarily used in winter, it can be trimmed at any time, with many different fireplace decor items that fit the atmosphere, even if it is not in use. Decorating it makes the whole living room a more unique area and makes the time spent in it feel better. 

Fireplace Types

Fireplace Types

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There are mainly the regular ones and electric ones. The difference is noticeable; the regular one usually works on logs and burning coals, while the electric one works by pulling cool air, warming it with a coil, then pushing the warm air gently back out into the room. There are a few other ones; the gas one and the one with the gas and logs combined. There are also the outdoors ones and the ones that burn wood. 

The Best Fireplace Decor Selections

Last but not least, here are the 30 fireplace decor ideas for your living room, and do not forget to read some of our other blog articles by clicking here

The Best Fireplace Decor Selections

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This minimal, clutter-free neutral room makes an excellent spot for the fireplace. It looks cozy, and it is for sure a great piece of decoration while being functional as well.


This one is a great idea that shows what experimenting with interior design can end up with. A perfect minimal and exciting design idea fitted in this room blends fantastic here.

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@design societe

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A little more on a minimal side, this one is fitted to look flush with the wall while providing that feeling of comfort in the winter, The minimal design of the living area itself seems exciting, and this overall design is excellent!


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A little less common practice of fitting a fireplace in the bedroom, but this one seems like a great fit. A minimal bedroom with some beautiful elements looks stunning in this photo.

With the classic feel in mind, this one is decorated to remind of Parisian apartments. Neutral colors and flowers make it even better.

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@home on the commons

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Classic style never gets old, and this one looks great! Neutrals always play a huge role, and this fireplace fits perfectly here. This interior design looks fantastic with the accessories like those in the photo.

@hoosier hound home

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Once again, the classically styled interior design with spot-on decoration.


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Soft textures and minimal decor items make this interior design a gorgeous one.


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A little bit of rustic always looks great. Various combinations of decor items and furniture ideally add the beauty to the rest of this interior design

@julishouse no1

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This one went for minimalism, and it is beautiful. Minimal  always means less clutter, and it is the style that looks ideal.


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This one is a great idea, with the plant stand and the fireplace that can be seen from 3 sides.

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A little more classic interior design style with the floor in herringbone-pattern and chic decor. It looks great in this photo.

@mrsjessicadarling 1

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Dark colors are always wanted in the interior design; this looks calm and comfy, making it a great design selection with the fireplace that simply fits great!


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The style that reminds of a farmhouse is always a great idea! This one looks great.

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