6 Of The Best Minimalistic Interior Design Types For Your Next Project

by planetofinterior

Here are six of our favorite minimalistic interior design selections for inspiration for your next project! Our team searched the web for the best design examples and found some fantastic ones! 

Find out which minimalistic interior design ideas we curated for our top picks in this article! 

What is a minimalistic interior design? 

When it comes to minimalistic interior design, we often think about interior spaces that are not cluttered and are in only one or two colors, with sharp details and furniture in the same style and colors as the entire space. In terms of minimalistic interior design, we are often right, and, importantly, many people recognize minimalism, which is incredible! 

When we think about minimalistic interior design, we often overlook minimal interior design styles that are unique. We only think about what we mentioned above, which is also okay! There are many minimal design types, and we will cover some of those in this article. 

Types of minimalistic interior design. 

Every minimalistic interior design can be different from the textures to the furniture arrangement. There are several types of minimalism, but aesthetically oriented minimalism is the most common; only one or two colors, not too many surfaces, and fewer furniture items with a bit of greenery, but that is not the only type. The following paragraphs explain the five types of minimalism used in interior design. 

Aesthetic Oriented Minimalistic Interior Design

Aesthetic Oriented Minimalistic Interior Design

Source: gessato.com

Aesthetic-oriented minimalism in interior design is the most common type of minimalistic interior design in homes. It is all about the clean aesthetics, sharp lines and edges, clutter-free space with not that many decorative items, the kind of minimalism in interior design that purely explains the saying, “Less is more.” It is prevalent on Instagram and the internet in general. 

Efficient Minimalism

Efficient Minimalism

Design: Faulkner Architects Photo: Joe Fletcher

Efficiency is essential when it comes to creating interior spaces. Generally, a clutter-free space consists of only the necessities, but of course, styled to look good. The key to efficient minimalism is to make people spend time on the more essential things since time is valuable. Efficient minimalism is also great for cleaning and organizing the home since fewer things are inside. It is an ideal type of minimalism for people who spend more time working. This type of minimalism is also a great example of saying, “less is more.” 

Ecological Minimalism

Ecological Minimalism

Source: Idea Design

It is a type of minimalism where people who design their homes sometimes reuse items used somewhere else while still avoiding cluttering the living area and combining them with new things to create an entirely new atmosphere. That way, fewer things end up in the trash, which is ecologically friendly. In some cases, the items used in ecological minimalism are raw materials from nature, such as unprocessed wood or rocks. 

Treasure Minimalism

Treasure MinimalismDesign by interior designer Benedetta Amadi, Photos by Aubrie Pick

Like efficient and ecological minimalism, treasure minimalism also follows the saying “less is more” and focuses only on the essentials. People who focus on treasure minimalism often strive to find the best unique and rare minimalist items they can incorporate in their homes. The name itself means that you need to look for the treasure, and you can often find it in thrift stores or at garage sales. Creating a collection of the rare items in your minimalist home is sometimes a fantastic idea since the price of some of those items can increase over time, and you can make a profit reselling those sometimes. 

Fancy Minimalism

Fancy Minimalism

Designer: Katty Schiebeck


It is crucial to get top-of-the-line, high-quality items even though there would be fewer items when it comes to fancy minimalism. It is essential to spend more on something that will last longer while owning fewer items to avoid clutter and create an atmosphere that feels high quality. 

Moderate Minimalism

Moderate Minimalism

Source: Allie Long, medium.com

Balancing things with fewer items and also being practical. It is more mainstream than some other types of minimalistic interior design. Moderate minimalism is essential for keeping the home tidy and organized. Keeping the items you need, which are also necessary, is also vital for moderate minimalism. 

Wrapping It Up

In this article, we talked about our top selections for minimalist interior design and the 6 types of minimalism. We hope that we inspired you to start your next minimalist interior design project and that you found some of the images we curated great! 

Thank you for reading our latest blog post, and if you would like to read more about interior design, you can visit our other blog article by clicking here! 

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