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About Planet Of Interior

We are a group of three friends who love interior design. We have been passionate about interior design since a very young age. Even when we played children's games back then, we would sometimes peer through neighbors' windows to see what their home looked like from the inside. Our habit of looking through people's windows made us stand out from the other children, who would look through someone's car's windows.
Whenever we came over to a friend's house, we would always talk about the various elements of the home as we got older, and that is how we realized that we love interior design. We all have different tastes in interior design, and we all have other ideas of what our perfect home design should be. Still, we all agree that interior design is a significant component of any home, and we believe that people should express themselves through interior design and all forms of art.

Planet Of Interior was founded on 21 January 2020 by a graphic designer from Europe. He created an Instagram account dedicated to sharing interior design inspiration to share love through interior design. The first name of the Instagram account was "Interiorinale." Soon after, his two best friends joined it to make it even better.
With the account's growth, the name was changed to "Planet Of Interior" not only because its creator thought it sounded more professional but also because of its meaning. Interior design inspires the whole world, and art encourages people to design interiors. Furthermore, it means that the Instagram account itself is a planet of interior design, and the people who follow it live there. Even though the Instagram followers were not his main goal, the account grew quite rapidly, and it reached a hundred thousand followers a year later, more precisely, on 11 January 2021. Followers kept coming while sharing the interior design selections people would love. To expand the story, the creator of the Instagram account and two of his best friends designed a website to post blog articles and provide more content for account followers.

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