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The living room is a place in your house where you spend the most time during the day. It is a space where you hang out with family, and friends, watch TV or just relax after a hard day. Therefore, your living space must decorate according to your needs, and the first step towards that is to choose good area rugs for living room.

You are probably wondering why area rugs for living room are so important. Well, for starters, the room will never look complete without one. Sure, you can live without it, but it is a major factor in your living space. Comfort, warmth, and decorative interest are all provided by area rugs (texture, color, pattern, etc.). They can serve as floor art and a frame around which to arrange furniture and define places. After all, if you want to feel comfy and warm, area rugs for living room are the best way to accomplish it.

What Is The Difference Between A Rug And An Area Rug?

Unlike carpet, which is permanently attached to your home and covers an entire space without revealing hard flooring, rugs are movable pieces of cloth that you can change whenever you want. Therefore, an area rug is only one type of rug; accent rugs are also available. An area rug is large enough to hold the visual weight of its space but not so large that it is difficult to clean or move. It is mostly handcrafted or machine-made, and it may be combined with any home decor to make a huge space look great. Area Rug Alvarez/Getty Images

How To Position Area Rugs For Living Rooms?

The placement of the area rug is crucial for improving the look and feel of the room and unifying your furniture’s overall look. To arrange the room layout and create corridors:

  • Maintain a gap of at least 18 inches from the wall on each side.
  • If the room is smaller, leave 8 inches of wall space on all sides.
  • Allow a 2-inch buffer to reduce the possibility of purchasing the wrong size floor covering.

We understand that this may appear a little complicated, but you will notice a difference if you pay attention to this when putting it on your rug. With these steps, your area rugs for living room will look the best.

Do Area Rugs For Living Room Make A Room Warmer?

It can be freezing in the winter if you have ceramic tile, laminate, or other forms of hard flooring. As a result, adding large area rugs for living room will help to insulate the space and keep it warm. Even better, stacking many rugs creates a warm and elegant barrier that keeps toes warm. Choose an area rug based on its substance and thickness to keep a room warm. Because there is more space between the cold floor and your feet, thick rugs provide more insulation than tiny rugs.

Look for carpets with a high knot count that is handcrafted. The higher the number, the denser the material, which provides superior insulation than a lower knot count rug. Machine-made rugs are also an excellent way to warm up cold floors. Warmth comes from high-pile rugs but opts for a flat weave if you want something easier to clean.

Area Rug For Living Room


Structure And Style

The size and material of area rugs for living room can sometimes be overlooked, but the structure and style are the first things that draw people in. When choosing it, you should have these in mind:

  • Traditional Rugs – regardless of how modern your home becomes, traditional area rugs for living room can add character, grandeur, and joy to everyone who sees it;
  • Vintage Rugs – exceptionally exquisite rugs with intricate curvilinear motifs and a variety of exotic designs;
  • Modern Rugs – Modern area rugs for living room add a subtle touch to any room they are placed in. They come in a wide range of forms, sizes, and designs.
  • Silk Rugs: Pure silk rugs that have been hand-knotted are noted for their softness, excellent craftsmanship, and richness. The carpet’s quality is determined by the number of knots per square inch.
  • Dhurrie Rugs: rugs made of cotton or wool, or often a combination of the two.

Livingroom area rugs

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Best Area Rugs For Living Room

Choosing the right carpeting for your living room can be difficult, and many people don’t know where to start. A rug’s size, color, style, and weave are crucial considerations. Even if you are aware of this, you may not be aware of what you need to complete your interior.

We have put together a comprehensive guide to selecting the best rugs for living room to assist you. Check out our best picks to ensure the new addition to your decor is a perfect fit for you and your home.

Fluffy Rugs For Living Room

Fluffy rugs add a lot of texture to a space. They are soft and comfortable for you to walk on. Even though they are not too popular, they are unique to your home. Fluffy rugs are luxurious and fun, and you can use them to make a bold statement. Also, what makes them an even better type of area rugs for living room is that they will be most comfortable for your children and pets. They are most popular with the younger population, but they represent a modern living room rug.

Living Room Area Rug By Carlos Chavarria

Farm House Rugs For Living Room

When thinking of a farmhouse decoration or furnishing, wood is probably the first one to think of. Surely not a carpet, and certainly not a cold marble or stylish tile. In the farmhouse style, bright colors must avoid. Jute’s fibers are a shade of off-white and cocoa, making it naturally neutral. Due to its attractive color and excellent reputation, designers refer to it as the “golden fiber.” Jute rugs are more durable than others, making them ideal for families with children or dogs. You can also choose between wool and cotton, depending on your preferences. The patterns you choose can help break out any colors that are too closely related. There are a variety of designs to choose from, including herringbone, diamond, southwestern, vintage, and more. Our idea is that you may be as creative as you want with colors and materials as long as they are comfortable and give off a “farmer house” vibe from your area rugs for living room.

Plush Rugs For Living Room

A plush rug is a cut-pile rug in which all the pile strands are cut to the same length. The strands are very tightly packed together, resulting in a smooth, almost velvety surface with a soft, formal appearance. Although the pile is usually tiny, the tightly packed strands create the impression of a much thicker, softer rug. The classic beauty of plush pile rug has made it immensely popular when choosing area rugs for living rooms worldwide. It can use for formal and informal situations, and it can be pretty durable and long-lasting if adequately cared for.

Area Rugs


Thick Rugs/Shaggy Rugs For Living Room

Thick rugs have longer strands and loops, sometimes known as shag rugs. High pile rugs have more give and appear softer than mid and low pile carpets due to their height, but they are also more difficult to vacuum. Avoid placing a high pile rug in locations with a lot of foot activity to keep it looking new for as long as feasible. Show highlight the long loops of a high pile rug’s particular snug appeal by placing it beneath furniture with opposing components. For example, a dark wood coffee table against a white high pile rug will create a stunning contrast and accentuate the smooth texture of the rug.

Big Rugs For Living Room

Oversized rugs as your area rugs for living room (rather than multiple tiny carpets) can help your space stand out. They should be within 12 inches on all sides of the walls. When it comes to arranging a living room or family room, the rug should be large enough to accommodate all of the major pieces of furniture, such as the sofa, coffee table, and so on, or at the very least the front legs.


If you’re planning to buy area rugs for living room, there are a few things to consider in size, color, and design. The trick is to choose area rugs for living room proportionate to the room’s size and complements the decor. Choosing the wrong area rugs for living room can result in an incomplete look or a mess of competing colors and patterns. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that this rug will be the heart of your living room.

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