Beautiful Natural Light Spaces That Will Leave You Amazed

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Our team is pleased to welcome you to our third blog post. The topic of today’s blog post is remarkable beautiful natural light spaces that will leave you speechless. Enjoy reading while you sit back and relax.

Jean Stoffer Design

First up on our list is a chess nook designed by Jean Stoffer (@jeanstofferdesign).

Remarkable Natural Light Spaces That Will Leave You Speechless

“Jean Stoffer Design’s unique mix of materials, textures, and color, combined with an understanding and expert application of interior detailing, scale, and proportion has propelled the firm and its work into the national design conversation. It defies trends and provides environments that clients find relaxing, exciting, and comfortable.”

In a rainy day setting, this place is a perfect one to immerse yourself in either playing chess with a friend or reading a good book perhaps. We on the Planet of Interior team love reading, so feel free to give recommendations in the comments of this blog post.

What gives this home interior some more structure are multiple layers of molding, which can suggest that this unique home is long-established. Accompanied by a great deal of natural light, this space has a cheerful atmosphere to it.

Karlas View

Sandra (@karlas_view) is a notable interior designer and travel lover based in Hanover, Germany. She is a slow-living enthusiast with a passion for Sunday mornings. Everything about her work is bright and playful, with this living room being no exception to the rule.

Remarkable Natural Light Spaces That Will Leave You Speechless

“I would like to have a big coffee with a bit of sunshine and weekend right in front of us” – Sandra

Uniquely arranged components and some marvelous chairs are exactly what make this space very comfortable.

Well-lit and easy on the eye, we are sure that our readers will love it. Feel free to let us know your thoughts on everything regarding this home and Sandra’s work.

Threve Interiors

Next up on the list is a more modern and vertical interior design by a self-taught designer Lisa from @threve_interiors. Here’s a story that you might want to hear.

Remarkable Natural Light Spaces That Will Leave You Speechless

“I am a self-taught Interior Designer, and I went to college for Fine art and Photography. I grew up in a very small Artist town and I didn’t even know that Interior Designers Existed Until I began going into New York City for college and began expanding my horizons, and I realized I absolutely went to college for the wrong thing! I figured at that point, I may as well finish up and figure it out after.”

“Sometimes Design is full of simple little tricks and hacks, and less overthinking.” – Lisa

What much first notice about it is no other than the gorgeous wooden center table! When you feature a potted plant, any guest of yours is in for a classy and exquisite experience.
However, what catches my further attention is the black-and-white staircase with monochrome paintings above it.

Chango And Co

There is something so pure and special about it, almost as special as taking a peek at the left side of the room and wondering what is beyond the mirror and the antique vase.

If you weren’t hoping for a modern, elegant and functional bathroom you’re in for a big surprise! Last but not the least, Chango & Co’s shower and bath combo are spacious, three-color, and a complete bliss to look at. This NYC-based interior design studio led by Susana Simonpietri is serious about what they do.

Remarkable Natural Light Spaces That Will Leave You Speechless

“When we think of Chango & Co, some words that come to mind include; thoughtful, attentive, efficient, playful, collaborative, creative, inventive. They are extremely organized and just so good at what they do while having so much fun!” – a client of theirs

Dark frames here are successfully creating a contrast to the otherwise light palette, whereas the small-scale bathroom tiles are posing for texture. As one of our fans has said, this interior is quite a way to maximize space.

Everything comes to an end, so does our today’s insight into the interior design world. As much as homes matter in a physical sense, for a house to feel like the home you need good people and memories. Don’t hesitate to provide feedback on this reading and stay tuned for more!

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