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Welcome to our new blog post! Today’s topic is a list of interior design trends 2021!

“An empty room is a story waiting to happen, and you are the author”.

We think that this quote by Charlotte Moss is a perfect introduction to our fourth blog post. In today’s blog post, we are going to be talking about our favorite interior design trends for the year 2021. Sit back, relax and enjoy reading our new blog post. 

Black Frame Interior Design Trends 2021

First up on our list is a trend that has gained popularity mainly in modern homes. It’s no wonder why black frames became so popular over the past few months. They are very versatile, which means that you can combine them with every architectural style. 

List Of The Best Interior Design Trends Of This Year We Love
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“Black window frames are becoming more popular because they are what we call a ‘forgiving color,” says architect Dominic Bagnato. “You can apply them to a building, and just about every other color used adjacent to them can be sympathetic… they are like a classic black suit – everything looks great in black, and you can style what goes with it accordingly.”

Everyone has a different perception when it comes to black frames. Of course, the architectural style which they are combined with is also a huge impact on that. They can make an industrial space stand out or bring refinement to a contemporary home. 

Our favorite thing about black window frames is the fact that they can make every space look delightful no matter the architectural style. That is probably the main reason why they’re so popular and are becoming more and more popular nowadays.

Textural Elements Trends

The texture is an element of interior design that can brighten up any space, no matter the style. That is the main reason why this trend is on this list. How many times have you seen a space that has great furniture, nice decorations, and a wonderful composition, but it just looks “flat”? A great combination of textures can turn a “flat” space into a truly graceful and enthralling entirety. 

List Of The Best Interior Design Trends Of This Year We Love

Tiffany Leigh, the founder of Tiffany Leigh Design, explains:

“Texture in interior design is all about creating tactile moments that invite touch. It refers to the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or material. Textures help to keep a space from feeling flat or one dimensional”.

You need to perceive the home with all of your senses. It’s not just about the look, it’s about the warmth, the arrangement, and the overall feel that you get when you walk into a certain home. That’s why textures play a major role in interior design.

Warm Neutrals Trend

We decided to feature this trend on our list because we think that a neutral color palette gives a relaxing and peaceful feel to every space and makes it look truly dazzling. You may think that a neutral color palette might make a space look boring, but actually, a neutral color palette gives you so much freedom to experiment with different decorations like vases, wall décor, etc. Because the color is not overpowering it lets decorations and furniture come alive and allows you to highlight the most admirable details of your home.

List Of The Best Interior Design Trends Of This Year We Love

“A neutral palette doesn’t mean that a room will look monotonous… on the contrary, it draws attention to all the different elements that make it interesting” (Houses with Charm: Simple Southern Style)

Our favorite thing about neutral colors is that the possibilities are endless. There are so many neutral colors to chose from, each one unique for itself. 

Light-Colored Wood Trends

Up next in today’s blog we have light-colored wood. There is a specific reason why we decided to feature this trend on our list. Light-colored wooden flooring makes space looks larger than it is. It also goes well with any architectural style and gives every home a warm and welcoming feel. 

List Of The Best Interior Design Trends Of This Year We Love, @katie_harbison, @taranwilkhu

The important thing when creating a space that includes light-colored wood is creating contrast. You should combine darker tones with light colors to create a compelling and engrossing look. Floor lamps, vases, and plants are perfect for creating contrast. 

In our opinion, the best thing about light-colored wood is versatility. The possibilities are endless. There are so many different flooring patterns, some of which create a very subtle look, while others create a modern or rustic look. Some of our favorite flooring patterns are herringbone, chevron, double herringbone, and many others. Flooring is not the only element that includes using wood. There is also a huge variety of wooden furniture, from chairs to dining tables.

Industrial Style Trend

The last trend that we are going to be talking about in today’s blog is industrial style. The main characteristic of industrial style in interior design is showcasing raw materials. Many people think that the industrial style is reserved only for multi-purpose environments. Designing a space in this style is great for multi-purpose environments indeed, but this style isn’t reserved just for that kind of space. 

List Of The Best Interior Design Trends Of This Year We Love

Lucy Call explains:

“One signature element of industrial interior design is the presence of features that people typically try and conceal, such as pipes and ducts. You can imagine what a liberating strategy this proved to be when the concept of warehouse apartments began gaining popularity! Converting former industrial spaces (such as factories) to residential living may have been a challenge, but leaving a few raw elements exposed reminded residents of the buildings’ original purpose and eliminated further construction”. 

In our opinion, industrial style provides a vast variety of textures, materials, and colors. We think that it is a perfect way to create a lively and vibrant space. 

Thank you for reading our blog post. We hope that we inspired you to stay creative and share your love for interior design. Feel free to experiment with different architectural styles, furniture, and decorations, because that is the only way you can create a space that you will truly love.

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