Cabin In the Woods: Our 10 Best Picks for The Ultimate Cozy Feeling

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Life can be exhausting. You spend all day working hard at your job, running mundane errands, taxiing your children around, and much more. It’s no surprise you find yourself daydreaming of another refreshing getaway, perhaps to a luxurious cabin in the woods somewhere. Why not bring that cabin in the woods home? After all, your home should be a place of rest and healing, not another stressor.  

Here are some great finishing touches that will give your home that all-natural, ‘cabin in the woods’ vibe. 

Earth-Scented Candles For Cabin In The Woods 

Earth-Scented Candles For Cabin In The Woods  By @jeanettefotono

Earth-scented candles are a subtle way to trick your senses and imagine yourself living in a cabin in the woods. With a variety of natural scents to choose from, you will never run out of the aroma of the natural world. Some of the most popular candle scents to transport you to your cabin include oakmoss, pine, wood smoke, campfire, fir, fresh dirt, leather, and sandalwood. 

Faux Fur

Faux FurVia

Faux fur is another subtle touch you can add to your home décor. Once again, pleasing the senses with this soft and textured material is a great way to transform your living room into a cabin in the woods. Add a faux fur blanket or a couple of throw pillows to the couch. Perhaps a cowhide rug is more aligned with your style. With several different colors and designs available, there is something for everyone. Just this one detail will enhance your whole current aesthetic and bring the wilderness to your living room. 

Fireplaces in Cabin In The Woods

Fireplaces in Cabin In The Woods @kalveo + @kebonyusa for @designvsbuild at @theminnestuga

Fireplaces and campfires are stapling elements for the ultimate ‘cabin in the woods’ getaway. If you cannot enjoy the real deal, technological advancements have provided us with several alternatives. The most popular alternative is the LED fireplace.

These units plug into most electrical outlets and provide heat, as well as the perfect ambiance. Several different tabletop fireplaces are available, ranging in size, with the smallest only slightly larger than a candle. Hypnotically staring at the dancing flames will ease your stress and transport you to your cabin in the woods. 


Rugs Photo by @dirtandglass at @whiskeyridgechalet

Rugs are a great way to set the tone of each room and tie all your loose pieces together. Adding a runner to your hallway or accent rugs to your living room will enhance your space and give it the perfect balance between cozy and chic. When picking a carpet design, make sure to stay with a neutral color scheme and choose a pattern that does not have large, bold designs which will distract from the overall vibe. Rugs with fringe will achieve the ‘cabin in the woods’ theme. 

Wooden Textures 

Wooden Textures  Photo by @ethanabitz at @cedarbrooktinycabin part of

Wooden elements throughout the home are classic ‘cabin in the woods’ signatures. Add a set of rough-edged wooden coasters or a wooden photo frame for the subtle yet fresh approach. Highlight wooden coffee tables and wood-charred art pieces on the walls to create a rounded feel.

Exposing natural stone or wooden beams in the walls and roof will make your home feel organic and all-natural for extensive renovations. The sight, smell, and feel of being surrounded by nature in the form of wood will transport you from a house in the city to a cabin in the woods.  

Rustic Décor 

IMG 1597 By @acsgetaways

Rustic elements will enhance your ‘cabin in the woods’ feel. Focus on décor that embraces natural beauty. Swap out your regular light fixture for a deer antler chandelier, add a metal tree silhouette keyholder, or add a few leather journals to your coffee table. It is essential to balance all the wooden elements with other textures.

Make sure to lighten the darker areas of the room with lighter and brighter elements. While choosing décor pieces may be fun, make sure not to overdo it, as this many textures tend to look cluttered quickly. Pick a few favorite pieces to highlight for the best ‘cabin in the woods’ vibe in your space. 

Ambient Lighting 

Ambient Lighting  By @dirtandglass at  @bentapplefarm

Add a more magical feel to your space by adding some string lights. The flickering ambiance of string lights replicates fireflies and campfire lights. The proper lighting is critical when creating a ‘cabin in the woods’ vibe. In addition to string lights, tabletop lamps are another great way to create a soft, relaxed ambiance. Turn off the harsh white lights and settle for an orange, sparkling glow. 


Houseplants  By @joffrecreekcabins

Houseplants bring the greenery indoors. They add a relaxing pop of color to every room. They will also help you feel more connected to nature, and if real, you may also gain added benefit from the routine of watering them and watching your plants grow.

Nature and healing have been closely related for thousands of years. If you do not have a green thumb, the fake plants work just as well without the effort of keeping them alive. Bring your cabin alive and bring the woods inside. 

Natural Tones and Neutral Color Schemes

Natural Tones and Neutral Color SchemesVia

Regardless of your lighting and décor preferences, keeping your color scheme warm and inviting is essential. Incorporate many natural tones and textures such as wood, stone, metal, and cork. Ensure your color scheme is consistent with plenty of neutral colors and pops of color in your favorite mustards, oranges, and reds. Stick with earth tones to balance the light and dark shades of wood. 

Accent Piece

Accent PieceVia Photography by David O. Marlow

Finish off your ‘cabin in the woods’ luxury abode with an accent piece. It may be something as simple as an oversized wicker chair with a cozy blanket, or it may be a seven-foot-tall statue.

Allow your lifestyle and hobbies to dictate your piece of choice. After all, you are the one benefitting from the peace your home provides. If you enjoy martial arts, perhaps it is a vintage punching bag or if you enjoy reading, accent your space with a bookshelf filled with leather-bound manuscripts. The possibilities are endless!  

Final Thoughts 

Whether you go with a few small and subtle décor refreshments, or you embark on an extensive renovation project, making your home feel like a cabin in the woods is a great way to relax from all the stressors in life. Your home should be your place of peace and healing. Create a space where you can rest, find your joy, and escape from the mundane. Your cabin in the woods is right at home. 

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