Top Commercial Interior Design Trends To Follow in 2022

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Commercial interior design is not new to the world yet has become a trending topic since the last year, especially after lockdown as people focus on the comfortable and safe workspace. Because of this, there are many commercial interior design trends to make all the office buildings and other workspaces more comfy and elegant in 2022.

More and more people are inclined to get the same interior design as their home. Many designers will adapt the interior design trend to their workspaces, which becomes a good choice for business owners. Since 2012, various types of commercial interior design trends have become popular today.

What Does Commercial Interior Design Include?

The term commercial interior design describes the interior designing project done to a commercial space. The design includes a broad spectrum of interior commercial spaces and environments, including office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, and so on. The commercial interior design can consist of multiple projects, such as interior renovation, and the primary purpose of this design is to improve communication within the company or facility.

Commercial Interior Design Trends 2022

1. Sense Of Home At Work:

The focus of commercial interior design trends in 2022 will focus on the sense of home at work. The interior design trend is to create a comfortable and fun work environment and create a visual impact to make customers feel warm and welcome.

2. Safe & Secure Workspace:

secure work place

By @wienerwohnsinn on Instagram, the home of @4_raumwohnung on Instagram

Another topic of commercial interior design trends in 2022 is a safe and secure workspace. As the world gets more dangerous, people will expect from their office. There will be more closed space such as closedoffices.

3. Retro Look:

Retro look

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Another design trend to be popular in 2022 is the use of retro look elements in commercial spaces. These elements can include vintage material and furniture, making your commercial space look like a home library or living room at first sight and giving a sense of familiarizes.

4. Eco-Buildings:

Eco buildings

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Many people will try to build sustainable and eco-friendly buildings in 2022. Sustainable designs will be the most popular design in commercial spaces. It is one commercial interior design trend to watch out for in the next fewyears.

5. Bold And Minimal Design:

Bold And Minimal Design

By @arq.sandylima

Instead of going for a complex design, people are also interested in bold and minimal designs. They want to make a bold statement but still want to keep everything simple, including bold colors, minimalist furniture, etc.

6. Dual-Purpose Designs:

By @lindsaysfeast on Instagram

By @lindsaysfeast on Instagram

With the changing market, people tend to use multiple spaces in one day. To make their workspace more efficient and save time, they will be using dual-purposedesigns. This feature is getting more popular among all the commercial interior design trends.

7. Go Green:

By @villanordrevik on Instagram

By @villanordrevik on Instagram

Nowadays, office spaces also feature living walls with natural plants that are fixed or hanging. Even employees prefer to decorate their desks with succulents to relax during busy work hours.

Not only commercial interior design, but many people are also expecting that this trend will be popular in 2022 in commercial spaces. The reason is quite simple – it can create a beautiful yet unique feel.

8. Flexible, Pod-Area Layouts:

By @frameryacoustics on Instagram

By @frameryacoustics on Instagram

With the growing trend of co-working spaces, creating flexible and pod-area layouts will be an essential commercial interior design trend in 2022. When employees work, they look for private or less-crowded areas for a comfortable work environment. So, these pod-area layouts are perfect for making your employees feel safe.

9. Revolving Doors:

By @anywaydoors on Instagram

By @anywaydoors on Instagram

Having revolving doors is what people will expect in every commercial interior design as this will allow them to move freely between rooms and makes their movement continuous. This revolving door design can use in offices, shopping malls, hotels, etc.

10. Natural Lighting:

Natural Lighting

By @zweipluszweisindwir on Instagram

This design element will be the finishing touch of commercial interior design trends in 2022. Try to open all the windows, use diffused lights, and prefer light and reflective colors for walls and floors.

With the help of natural lighting, people will want to express their moods and feeling. The design can look like a sunflower or a blossomingtree.

Rules for Successful Commercial Interior Design

  • Versatile Structure

The most uncomplicated strategy to ensure easy convertibility of interior space in terms of internal structure elements is to keep them adaptable. It is beneficial for companies solely for profit, such as retail stores and offices.

The same may be said for any commercial location if interior planning and design are done well enough to allow easy conversions and regular changes.

  • Technology Implementation

In the commercial world, a smooth technology implementation system is critical. Telecommunication systems, such as telephones, computer networking, television, and overhead media, should be given appropriate care and consideration while planning for commercial interior design.

A well-thought plan for integrating digital control, whether centralized or de-centralized, is a typical requirement. The goal is to improve the comfort and efficiency of guests and employees in their areas of responsibility.

  • Personalized Space

Making consumers feel at home in customer-based businesses like hotels and restaurants is all about giving them the option of having an environment and service that matches their preferences. Developing acommercial interior design strategy to create rooms that cater to individual interests and preferences is highly advantageous.

  • Safety

Last but not least, in any structure construction, safety is the most crucial consideration as interior design should primarily incorporate safety features. Should not compromise in any safety regulations for the sake of innovation. It is a legal requirement and a moral obligation for the interior designer and theclient.

Keeping up with these commercial interior design trends in your commercial space can help you stay competitive in the industry. Also, it gives a sense of security and a healthy working environment for all your employees.

Thank you very much for reading our latest blog post about commercial interior design trends of 2022. When designing your commercial space, consider all the above-listed trends to amaze your employees, yet safety is a priority. Click here to read some of our other posts!

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