Curved Furniture Trends of 2022

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Nowadays, curves are everywhere. They were once a luxury for designers, but now more and more people are investing in curve-based furniture. This article will help you explore the curved furniture trends we can see in 2022 and after that. Curved furniture trends become famous for their look and comfy style and complement your home interior design.

Since 2015, manufacturers have been aiming to design furniture that provides a unique experience for the customer. The curved edge sofa has been one of the biggest success stories in this regard. It won the 2016 Furniture of the Year award.

Why Curved Furniture Trends Become Popular?

The curved furniture trends became popular in the 1970s when designers embraced a more feminine approach to modern design. The straight, clean lines of Danish and mid-century modern furniture in the 1950s and 1960s were all the rage, but by the 1970s, people were ready for something a little softer. This trend persisted throughout the 1980s and became trendier by a renaissance of the Art Deco style, which also uses sculptural shapes and curved edges.

Curved furniture, particularly couches and chairs, is having a moment in entertainment and living room areas after more than a year of being shut down during the pandemic. These pieces are ideal for locations that can accommodate a group since they make it simple to sit, turn, and converse with others. They also go well with different furniture styles, making them simple to mix and match.

Curved furniture isn’t just for public settings; it can also fit in your bedrooms, living rooms, dining room, and home offices; we see a lot of sculptural and curved furniture!

Curved Furniture Trends of 2022

Need some inspiration to make way for curved furniture? Take a look at some of our favorite curved furniture pieces for every space in your house below.

1. Curved Couch

It is the most common curved furniture design. A curved couch provides a refreshing and more comfortable alternative to your old sofa. The pin-tufted fabric will be the main highlight of this type of furniture. Its curves will vary from side to side, and its pointy ends will have a gentle slope. The fabric used here is usually soft, which creates a soothing effect.

curved coach

By @cgroyg on Instagram

2. Curved Chaise Lounge

The curved chaise lounge is fantastic and more significant than the traditional sofa. Its curved design makes it look like you are sitting in a shell. It will allow you to sit, recline and lay down all simultaneously. Besides, it will provide you with good back support and fantastic comfort.


Curved Chinese Lounge

By @pierolissoni on Instagram

3. Curved Bed

The usual flat-based bed can replace a more sophisticated form that is circular. It looks simple while it offers adequate support for the body and back. It provides more room for sleeping on it, decorating your bedroom around it, and freedom to walk in the room without sharp edges.

Curved Bed

By @leannefordinteriors on Instagram

4. Curved Sofa

Apart from providing a unique seating experience, the curved sofa is ideal for smaller rooms. It can be placed in front of the window or behind the furniture and still appear attractive. The curve of this sofa makes it look as if you are sitting on the corner of a cloverleaf and provide you with good support and fantastic comfort and warmth.

Curved Sofa

By @olgaashby on Instagram

5. Curved Coffee Table

This curved coffee table is perfect for small living rooms and bedrooms. This curved furniture will provide you with space to store your books and magazines, as well as throw cushions. Besides, it is adjustable to use in different room settings.

Try a round ottoman and a curved coffee table together to add a more sophisticated look to your space!

Curved Coffee Table

By @studsandbeams on Instagram

6. Curved Chairs

The curved chair has been trending this year as well. It is a high-end chair that does not support your weight like other types based on armrests do. Instead, it is ideal for viewing large screens and provides a comfortable seating experience at the same time. Whether subtly rounded or fully circular, they can add an eye-pleasing line to your interior.

Curved Chairs

By @emmanueldebayser, photo by @stephanjulliard on Instagram

7. Curved Desk

Among all the curved furniture, the curved desk has a very distinct appearance. It is shaped like an oval and designed with two tiers. The upper tier features a flat surface, while the lower one provides comfortable storage for books, files, and other office supplies.

When it comes to comfort, this curved furniture is ideal as its curved edge provides room for your wrist and offers an optimal reach zone to avoid leaning forward to maintain a good posture.

Curved Desk

By @scandinavian.interior on Instagram

8. Curved Dining Table

This table type will be circular and feature a narrow design. It requires the use of unique chairs that are curved as well to match its curvature. It creates more room for people to move quickly and avoid bumping.

This curved furniture suits well for small spaces and creates more room to walk around. Also kid-friendly!

Curved Dining Table

By @brixtonhome on Instagram

9. Curved Ottomans

The curved ottoman resembles the curved couch in that it features a broad base. However, it is smaller and less luxurious. These ottomans are ideal for seating. Moreover, they can also function as a table. It can create tiered settings, intimate or large group collaborations, or reclaim dead space in hallways, classrooms, and breakout areas.

Curved Ottomans

By @massoneong, sofa and ottoman by @tacchini_italia_forniture on Instagram

10. Curved Sofa Tables

Undoubtedly, curved sofa tables are ideal for small apartments. They offer additional storage space and provide an attractive appearance simultaneously.

Curved Sofa Table

By @mid.century.meow on Instagram

This year, curved furniture trends will include more innovative designs. It is expected that companies will introduce models with plush fabric and seating surfaces and non-movable shelves for convenient storage.

Also, curved furniture might be the best choice in the coming years for those who want to improve their living spaces with a new design.

I hope you find this “Curved Furniture Trends of 2022” helpful article, and you might find your inspiration to follow these curved furniture trends.

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