Double the Look: 6 Beautiful Double Island Kitchen Design Ideas

by planetofinterior

Double island kitchens have become increasingly popular. In a time where we are more likely to host parties at home than to go out, they offer an abundance of extra space and storage. While one of the islands generally serves as the main island used for meal prepping, cooking and dishes, the other is reserved for entertaining or dining.

When figuring out which way to install your double islands, be sure to leave anywhere from 3.5 to 4 feet between them. This allows chair or barstool space and ample walking room. If your kitchen is less than 13 feet wide, double kitchen islands are not recommended as it would feel much too cluttered.

Kitchen islands add value to your home, so having two must double that, right? Having a double island kitchen might seem space consuming, but it could also deter you from needing a separate dining room table, which can also take up a lot of space. Luckily there’s not much of a standard when gauging the length of kitchen islands, so having two small islands could be more beneficial than one big one. If you’re considering a double island kitchen layout, here’s some inspiration to get your wheels turning.

Hotdog Style Double Island Kitchen Layout

Hotdog Style Double Island Kitchen


We all remember in school when we would have to fold our piece of paper hotdog or hamburger style? Yes, refer back to that. Imagine having two kitchen islands alongside each other, narrowly cutting down the center of your kitchen in a straight line. In this case, the one farthest in the kitchen would serve as the main island, while the other would be for dining.

Hamburger Style Double Kitchen Island With Seating 

Hamburger Style double Island Kitchen

Via Jessica Glynn

Again, refer back to paper folding. Now imagine having two kitchen islands, but they are side by side, or parallel to each other. This seems to take up more space when situation them this way, but if you have the room for it, it’ll add some much needed space for entertaining and allows everyone to be present.

T Shaped Double Island Kitchen Designs 

T Shaped Double Island Kitchen

Via Martin Moore

Instead of facing your two kitchen islands the same way, you could also make them opposite. Create a T shape with them, which will allow you to use one for working while your guests can sit at the other, yet still face you so you can enjoy each other’s company.

L Shaped Double Island Kitchen Trend

L Shaped Double Island Kitchen


Much like those cozy corner couches, you can also align your two kitchen islands in the same manner. This will give you more floor space to move around in the middle of the kitchen, while also providing enough counter space for cooking and dining.

Extension Kitchen Islands

Extension Islands

Via Alyssa Rosenheck

Extension islands often protrude from one of the existing countertops and are sometimes also known as peninsula islands. This might be helpful if you want a kitchen with double islands so the second could also serve as a room divider. These are especially convenient for opening up space in the kitchen without compromising floor space or seating room.

Mix It Up

Different double island kitchen

Via Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

When incorporating double islands into your kitchen, they don’t need to be exactly the same. While symmetry is appealing to the eye, it’s unnecessary in this setting, and can actually be less effective. For example, the island that you use for prepping, cooking and dishes should have cabinets underneath and plenty of storage, whereas the second island, designated for entertaining could have a wide top but narrow bottom which would allow for more foot space and for barstools to be pushed in when they’re not being used. This will help to save space and keep your kitchen looking tidy and less cluttered.

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