Easter Decoration Ideas For 2022

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Easter is not just a holiday; it’s a joyous celebration of the defeat of death and the hope of salvation in commemorating the Resurrection of Jesus. On the other hand, it’s seasonal fun to welcome the warmth traditionally. There are plenty of ways to celebrate Easter, and some of the best Easter decoration ideas are listed below. So, what’s the late? Hop to it to make it!!

Easter Decoration Ideas To Amaze Your Guests

1. Easter Door Hanger

Via joycesdesigns.com

Via joycesdesigns.com

Hang a lovely Easter Door Hanger on the main door! You can create this with giant bunnies, tiny bunnies, fluttering ribbons, decorative eggs, etc. You can hang a basket with soil and Easter lily or any other flower pot with beautiful flowers on the top. Make these hangers as per your choice and needs!

The “ears of corn” concept is also a good Easter decoration idea that gives an unusual look to your Easter door decoration by placing ears of corn in a basket or arranging them near the doors.

2. Carrot Garland

Via michaels.com

Via michaels.com

When it comes to thinking of Easter decoration ideas, carrot is the first one to think of. Carrot is a vibrant vegetable, and it can brighten up dull rooms in a couple of hours. This simple idea helps you design your space and enables you to save money! All you need is a bunch of carrots (cut them into half) with wires to keep them from falling and some green ribbons. Hang these carrots on the ceiling near your main door.

3. Easter Centerpiece

Via Courtney Whitmore

Via Courtney Whitmore

How can Easter decoration ideas be listed without a centerpiece? It’s not possible, right! So here is the one! Make an Easter centerpiece using eggs, flowers, and a chocolate bunny. You need a chocolate bunny, double-faced tape, yellow coloring, and white flowers, then cut out the petals of different colored flowers (i.e., red and white petals) and stick them on the bunny’s face.

4. Easter Bunny Decor

Via Hodao on Amazon

Via Hodao on Amazon

There are many ways to welcome Easter with the bunny. All these cute Easter decoration ideas of Bunny making add fun and aesthetic value to your dining table or kitchen counter and acts as an effective centerpiece in both cases.

  • Find some beautiful tiny bunnies and then flatten them. Now, attach them to the place setting (where cutlery is kept).
  • Prepare a cardstock circle for each guest and write their name in bold, and add bunny ears to the cardstock. To make adorable bunny ears crisscross two imitation flowers and glue on a pom-pom as a tail.
  • To make a napkin bunny, fold a napkin in half to make a triangle. Then roll the napkin into a long strip and fold half again. Secure a six-inch pipe cleaner around the napkin by threading it through a bead. As whiskers, thread three 3″ pipe cleaners through the beads.
  • Cut paper bags to make bunny-ear shapes, then draw on an adorable bunny face. These can be used as candy packages or help guests carry some food back to their homes.

5. Simple Easter Candy Wrappers

Via diygiftsideas.com

Via diygiftsideas.com

Easter candy wrappers are the best among Easter decoration ideas for kids. Collect colorful candies and then put them in a small basket or plate along with the Easter-themed label. For instance, you can use the title “Happy Easter” or any Easter-related phrase. This way, your candies look decorative and are fun to eat!

Also, plan a game like “Easter Egg hunt” or surprise your kids with these Easter candies by placing them on their study table or elsewhere. This Easter decoration idea is not only for kids, and you can surprise everyone with Easter candies. After all, who won’t like candies!

6. Easter Egg Tree

Via Peanut Blossom

Via Peanut Blossom

You don’t need to wait until Christmas to put up a tree; Easter is also a good time. Place strong branches in a heavy vase, such as flowering quince, pussy willow, cherry blossom, or forsythia. Gather around a dozen blown-out eggs or fake craft eggs and wrap them within a thin ribbon and apply hot glue on top of the egg. When the eggs are dry, attach them to the branches and trim the extra ribbon.

7. Easter Eggs With Classic Silver

Via Michelle Frae Cummings

Via Michelle Frae Cummings

Silver is a timeless yet classic ornament that suits every occasion. Bring out all the silver articles like cutlery, plates, bowels, etc., to add a glimpse to your Easter decoration ideas. Go along with yellow flowers to decorate your dining area with silver centerpieces.

Silver foil sheets also mark its presence well on Easter day. Just stick it on the Easter Eggs and wrap them with a red bow. Now, this is ready to use as a table centerpiece!!

8. Easter Bunting

Via Sophia Palmer

Via Sophia Palmer

Bunting is a type of flag that is generally used in Christmas and Independence Day celebrations, and it can also include in Easter decoration ideas. Buy some wooden letters and paint them with various shades of yellow and green, or you can buy Easter buntings online. Hang them around your living room, front door, outside entryway, and to the dining table.

9. Kid-Friendly Easter Setup


Via exposureguide.com

Give the kids a lovely setting with Easter snacks and a craft paper tablecloth with crayons for doodling. Let them prepare some decorations on their own and highlight them in your overall decoration. It helps them improve their skills in creativity and learn to set up the table for guests. So, for next year’s decoration, they may be the organizers or the first ones to talk about the Easter decoration ideas!

10. Easter Basket

Via Couleur on

Via Couleur on Pixabay

It may be the last one on the list of Easter decoration ideas but never the least one! An Easter basket is the preferable decor idea or a gift item on Easter because thoughtfully prepared baskets are always in high demand.

Whether to use as wrath to hand on the front door, a centerpiece on the dining table, or a return gift full of Easter candies, the Easter bucket is perfect undoubtedly.

The above-mentioned Easter decoration ideas are very simple and easy to follow. You can celebrate Easter in a fun way by implementing these beautiful Easter decoration ideas at home. Pick your favorite one and start decorating! Stay with us for more!!

Many thanks for reading this article, “Easter Decoration Ideas for 2022“. I hope you like the content that we are providing to you through this article, which will help you make or design a beautiful Easter decoration for your home.

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