Feng Shui Decorating Ideas For Balanced Home Environment

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Everyone wants to maintain a healthy and cheerful environment at home, but sometimes it won’t be pleasant because of minor details. Additionally, a few things can impact negativity, like the wrong direction of the entryway, placement of a mirror, etc. So, how can you plan to avoid that negativity? We suggest trying Feng Shui decorating ideas to maintain a cheerful and balanced environment in your living space.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that aims to give a person a balanced and healthy life by aligning their energy and the energy of their environment. Feng Shui means and represents wind and water, closely associated with good luck and good health.

The Feng Shui decorating ideas we follow in our living spaces can significantly affect our state of being. Even people said that the Feng Shui’d home was always peaceful and harmonious. If you’re looking for some Feng Shui decorating ideas to make your home more balanced, look no further!

In this blog post, you will find more about Feng Shui decorating ideas, which can help bring about balance in your environment.

Why follow Feng Shui Decorating Ideas?

Why follow Feng Shui Decorating Ideas?

By Anjie Cho Architect PLLC

Feng Shui home decor is a technique that focuses on the flow of Chi. Chi is the life force or the energy which flows around us. It is said that everything in our surroundings (our furniture, knick-knacks, paintings, etc.) has a Chi, and some have a positive and some negative energy. If these items with positive energy are placed in our environment, they can help enhance the health of our home. However, the Feng Shui decorating ideas can bring more benefits, which include –

  • You will have better health and prosperity.
  • You can eliminate bad fortune.
  • You will ensure good relationships with others.
  • You can maintain relaxation, meditation, and creativity.
  • Career advancement and stability.
  • Enhance energy and motivation.
  • Improves academic and learning capabilities.
  • Your home will be peaceful and harmonious.

Steps in Applying The Feng Shui Decorating Ideas:

Feng Shui decorating ideas are easy to find, but one must remind some essential factors while applying all those ideas to bring positivity. From choosing houseplants to discovering artwork, Feng Shui decorating ideas play a crucial role in bringing good luck, good health, and good relation with loved ones if you follow the below steps.

Steps In Applying The Feng Shui Decora7ng Ideas

Photo: Max Burkhalter, Via architecturaldigest.com

  • Clear out the clutter get rid of any old stuff that doesn’t bring you joy or success anymore since it is believed that clutter can create negative vibes in your living space.
  • Feng Shui decorating ideas can soothe your spirits.
  • Setting up the furniture and objects brings you joy, happiness, success, and abundance.
  • Give purpose to any objects or furniture in your living space; you don’t need to buy them but make sure they use for the right reasons.
  • Enhance the flow of energy through your home.
  • Choose any color associated with nature and good vibes, never use black.
  • Use colors that correspond with your living or bedroom environment during the daytime (warm colors, such as reds and oranges) when you are at home. Think cool colors at night when you are asleep.
  • Make sure to have the correct lighting setup, and sunlight is always the best choice of lighting.
  • Keep the space clean and tidy all the time so you can enjoy your Feng Shui’d home decorating ideas.

Feng Shui Decorating Elements:

Life is all about balance, so is the home or commercial interior! For that perfect balance, Feng Shui is composed of 5 elements with a clear meaning and purpose.

When we’re continuously on the hunt for methods to bring the good vibes home, fortunately, this ancient Chinese art, Feng Shui, becomes the one. All the five elements represent particular abilities and can incorporate into interior design in simple ways.

1. Earth Element – Stability and Nourishment

Earth Element

Via parachutehome.com

The earth element brings peace, stability, and protection to you and your relationships when you include it in your environment. A simple technique to introduce earth elements is to decorate with square patterns and layer beige, sandy, and pastel yellow tones. Stone statues and terracotta pots are lovely additions to the Feng Shui decorating home.

2. Water Element – Purity and Precision

2. Water Element - Purity and Precision

By Amy Bartlam

Accuracy, focus and a strong sense of clarity are all boosted by an energetic metal element. Whether your design style or Feng Shui decorating ideas, metal is the most accessible element to incorporate. This element can be expressed through picture frames, ornamental metal accents, round shapes, metallic greys, and whites.

3. Fire Element – Ease, Abundance, and Inner Work

Fire element

Via hypebae.com

The water element gives every style a pleasant sense of calm, purity, and relaxation in Feng Shui home decor. Water is most commonly expressed in design through mirrors. Blue and black accessories and textiles will also help incorporate this element into your living space.

4. Wood Element – Growth, Expansion, and Vitality

Wood element

By @luannnigara on Instagram

Wood is a healing element that promotes vitality in health and growth and decisiveness in action. Consider adding houseplants, floating wood shelves, or branches mixed in with your bouquets while applying Feng Shui decorating ideas. Rectangular shapes, decorative greens, and browns will also help to draw attention to this element.

5. Metal Element – High Energy and Passion

The fire should use cautiously in Feng Shui decorating ideas! When the fire element is balanced correctly, it will bring activity, energy, and strength to your life and profession. When this element is misused, it can lead to excessive stimulation and anxiety. The use of fireplaces and candles is an obvious option to incorporate the element of fire. Fire is also represented by triangle-shaped decorations and accents in bright oranges, yellows, reds, pinks, and purples.

Nowadays Feng Shui decorating ideas are getting popular. Try Feng Shui decorating ideas if you’re looking for some new home decorating ideas. The procedure involves the energy that flows through living space and its inhabitants.

Now, it’s time for you to apply these Feng Shui decorating ideas and ensure your living space is peaceful and harmonious. If you would like to explore more about interior design trends for 2022, click here!

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