French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas

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French Country Kitchen is the name of a kitchen design trend that draws on the styles of traditional country cooking. The motifs are drawn mainly from France and include rustic wooden furniture, cooking utensils, vintage pottery, metalware, and organic-shaped stone floors.

Merely incorporating these elements into your kitchen will automatically give you that buttery French countryside look. But there are lots of other ways to make your kitchen cozy, charming and quaint such as French style dining chairs, kitchen cabinets, ceramic roosters, and other décor ideas.

Even in terms of color palette, the distinctive form of an ancient French kitchen, or even a modern one, stands apart. There is a lot of potential for details in a French style kitchen design. It allows you to express yourself. With a combination of old and new, a French style kitchen lets you have the best of both worlds.

In addition, The French have a talent for producing eye-catching aesthetics that are efficient, ageless, and entirely their own, from rustic, provincial farmhouses to sophisticated and downright sumptuous kitchen facilities. To keep up with the current trends, we’ve compiled a list of top picks, find them below, and incorporate a little bit of France into your home.

French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas

1. Add A Modern Twist

French aesthetics are, without a doubt, the gold standard for all worldwide design trends. That is why you should choose a modern French style for your kitchen.

Install independent rugs/carpets, an indie backsplash over white laminates, and aa rustic cupboard plyto complete the theme. They would collaborate to build a one-of-a-kind modern and exceptional French kitchen for you. For the sake of flair and simplicity, let modern French aesthetics take over your kitchen.

interior design trends 2022

Interior Design by – @greyhuntinteriors

Design-Build by – @sun_design_inc

Photographer – @stacyzaringoldberg

2. Contemporary Route

Contemporary Route

By: @enchantedberkeley

Your space would be more appealing if you had a contemporary French kitchen. Kitchen islands with white or off-white laminates are a good choice too. French country style can feature ultra-modern and traditional aspects, such as concrete work surfaces and metal-framed windows.

This modern kitchen design also allows for more innovation. Cork lights, for example, can be used as accent lights or statement lamps. It will serve as a centerpiece in your kitchen.

3. Go Back To The Pastels


french kitchen

By: @vivietmargot

Pastels aren’t fad to the date, they’ve been used in kitchens for decades, and it’s evident that this “fashion” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The relaxing use of textures and colors is one of the critical features of a French kitchen. Choose a glossy white tile backsplash, white cabinets, and rustic wooden furniture and flooring to complement. This divine mix will make your kitchen appear larger and more open, allowing natural light to do its magic.

4. Infuse Minimalism

Infuse Minimalism

Photo – @rebekahwestoverphotography

Design – @caitlincreerinteriors

Architectural design – @stevetiek

Builder – @stonybrookhomes

Styling and accessories – @foundationgoods

Sophistication is emphasized a lot in French country kitchen decor and design. If that’s something that’s been bothering you, try this minimalist French kitchen design suggestion. This minimalist French style kitchen is perfect for any home, with its unique monochrome tile flooring, planters, and pastel knickknacks.

5. Revamp The Old Nostalgia

Revamp The Old Nostalgia

By: @sweet_southern_homestead

Why do we run after trends always? However, it’s your own space, and you must make sure that it should reflect your style and personality!

You may go all extravagant for this French kitchen design with layered laminates, pastel and royal blue furnishings, and statement lights. Consider the entire backdrop of your kitchen when choosing a floral backsplash. Without a doubt, this will add to its old-world charm.

6. Introduce A Cosmopolitan Charm

elegant Akcento kitchen

By @ruffles.rust
Photo by @elziecooper

Do you want a blend of a French kitchen? We acknowledge! Let your kitchen reflect all of the modern, vintage, contemporary, and minimalist French tastes! This kitchen idea will last a lifetime; kudos to its eclectic collection of French design styles. Thanks to its layout, elegant pastel laminates, and semi-rustic lighting, it has a modern touch while maintaining an old-world charm.

For example, you can opt for the classic and elegant Akcento kitchen island with black laminates or perhaps a lovely tea kettle made of copper. Crafted by a craftsman, it will last longer than your trendy dishwasher!

French-Style Kitchen Design Trends

The French Country kitchen trend has a talent for styling eye-catching, efficient, ageless, and unique aesthetics. From rustic provincial farmhouses to sophisticated and downright sumptuous kitchen facilities, there are a few aspects that need to be highlighted to bring out French style into your home. As following –

  • High Ceilings
  • Crystal Chandelier
  • Checkered Floor Tile
  • Copper Pots
  • Market Bags
  • Retro-Inspired Appliances
  • Eclectic Seating
  • Blue Pitcher and Flowers
  • Open Glass Shelves
  • Exposed Beams
  • Apron Sink

For example, if you fancy rustic-style furniture, look for light wood furniture made with heavy timber joints. French Country kitchens favor a large table, so it is good to have a long farmhouse kitchen table or a wooden trestle table with a simple bench along each side.

This French Country kitchen design is a must-have for those who want to experience a unique and first-class experience.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our latest blog post on French Country kitchen design ideas. When designing interior spaces, remember to be creative and research more to find out the newest trends that make your interior look unique. Also, if you liked our blog post, you can click here to read some of our other posts!

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