How To Switch To Natural Home Decor?

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Being natural and organic is essential nowadays, whether it’s a matter of individual character or home interior design. Of course, being natural and bringing natural elements into the home is good in all aspects, including health and wealth, making people switch to natural home decor.

As the name suggests, “natural home decor” is one of the best interior design styles that use natural elements, recycled furniture with natural fibers, and earthy colors.

Why Switch To Natural Home Decor?

As per studies, there are so many reasons why people switch to natural home decor. People who switch to natural home decor believe that they will have a healthier and more comfortable life. They do this because they want everything in their homes to be eco-friendly and pleasant. In fact, some homeowners think that keeping things in their homes natural has contributed a lot to the decrease of greenhouse gases, causing global warming.

Natural home decor has always been fashionable, and using decor to bring nature into your house is timeless, stylish, and relaxing. Now those minimalist aesthetics are front and center in today’s design trends.

If you need the inspiration to make your own style with natural elements, take a look at the listed natural home decor ideas below and incorporate them into your home interior.

Natural Home Decor Ideas

Bring More Green Into Home

natural home decor

Interior by Lindroth Design featured in House Beautiful

Green is one of the primary colors of natural home decor, and the best way to be more natural with home decor is to start from plants, flowers, and trees. You can put a potted plant or a small tree in your room. You can also choose to place it on your balcony. It’s up to you how you want to arrange it but make sure that it will not block the path when walking inside the room.

Use Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs



Compact fluorescent light bulbs are called ‘green’ light bulbs. They can reduce greenhouse gases emission when used instead of ordinary light bulbs. They’re also energy-efficient, small and compact with good lumen maintenance, have a long life, come in various forms and sizes, are dimmable, simple to retrofit, have a low operating cost, and emit less heat. Compared to incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs are about four times more efficient and perfect for natural home decor.

Go Earthy

By Espejo Goyanes

By Espejo & Goyanes

Modern earthy is the best choice when it comes to natural home decor. Because it’s slightly rustic yet highly contemporary, it reflects the natural world’s hues, looks, and finishes.

Throw cushions, artwork, placemats, and lampshades in various natural colors are a simple way to go earthy. For a more relaxed atmosphere in the bathroom, use a neutral color scheme of light browns and beiges. Also, choosing a wallpaper with a botanical or geometric design brings an additional attraction.

Use Recycled And Reclaimed Wood



Wood furniture is one of the most popular because it is long-lasting, attractive, and can be customized in any way. Wooden furniture is ideal for bringing back the old days of early-century home living, even perfect if you wish for a rustic and country look to your interiors. It can create show-stopping appeal within your natural home decor interior.

You can use wood instead of other materials like plastic, metals, etc. For example, you can put wood flooring and ceiling beams made from solid wood. Also, reclaimed wood is way better than the other material furniture. It is a renewable resource that preserves natural timber by reducing the need for new logging and environmental hazards.

Choose Furniture With Natural Fabrics



If you want to get a green sofa, choose the one made from natural fibers such as hemp and cotton. Some manufacturers are making leather sofas and chairs with organic leather. Therefore, it’s a great idea to switch to natural home decor and purchase them for your home.

You also have to choose fabrics made from natural fibers such as cotton or hemp. Using such fabrics will lessen your impact on the planet.

Decor With Handmade Accessories



Whether it is a living room decor, kitchen, or any other space in the home, handmade accessories can make a statement when you switch to natural home decor. Accessories made in the house, such as rugs, trays, wall hangings, textiles, and furniture, are eco-friendly. It’s because they are handmade by local artisans and won’t damage any environment.

Grow Your Own Herbs

Via Carolyn V on Unsplash

Via Carolyn V on Unsplash

Grow your own herbs in your home by using containers and flower pots. Thus, you can make fresh and natural foods using natural fertilizers such as worm castings or compost tea. This process will make you feel a fresh and relaxing atmosphere, even ease your natural home decor concept without any other struggles.

The homegrown herbs can be used to cook healthily and can share with your friends and relatives to let them know the importance and happiness of being natural.

Welcome The Sun

Via @minhphamdesign on Unsplash scaled

Via @minhphamdesign on Unsplash

When you want to switch to natural home decor, the sun can be your friend. It can provide natural light in your home and warm your indoor space by producing heat. You need to take care of the surrounding areas and protect them from the sun’s harsh rays so that you can use this advantage without causing harm.

Use Eco-Friendly Paints And Stains

Via @davidpisnoy on Unsplash

Via @davidpisnoy on Unsplash

Eco-friendly paints and stains are other things that you should consider before exploring more natural elements in home design. They are made from natural ingredients so that they will not damage the environment.

You can use oils, waxes, resins, and other natural ingredients in your home to help you achieve your natural home decor vision.

Make A Modest Space

Via @brina blum on Unsplash scaled

Via @brina_blum on Unsplash

A modest space is what makes a place look naturally decorated. It doesn’t matter if you have only one room or a whole house with minimalist design ideas. The secret to making modest spaces is to make everything in the space nothing but simple and simple designs. Thus, being simple is perfect for natural home decor.

Using natural elements in home design will bring nature into your life. It will also give you a sense of comfort and relaxation when you want to switch to a more comfortable life in the future.

Decorating your home with natural elements is and has always been fashionable. Natural home decor trends are always popular because people want to maintain their greener lifestyles and cut down on their carbon footprint by making smarter choices for interior design.

I hope you find your inspiration from the above list of natural home decor ideas. If so, please share your thoughts; I’d love to see your comments below!

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