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Luxurious apartments never go out of style; the vintage and luxury always find a way to stand out from other designs that appear visually appealing for some time.

This large luxury apartment named Chicago Sunset was built in the apartment complex with the same name. It was designed by Valentine Dorofeev, Anna Petrova, and Irina Filon from Studio B Place and photographed by Andrey Bezuglov for their client Kate Kuzmenko. This vast private apartment combines vintage, modern and elegant, or as the design studio calls it, “On the verge of brutality and elegancy.”

This 2012 square feet (187 square meters) vintage yet luxury apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine, is an authentic piece of art finished in 2021. 

It is designed to represent the beauty and charm of interior design and keep the design elements well organized and combined. 

About The Designer 

About The Designer | Luxury Apartment

The head designer Valentine who founded the studio Better Place, works with various styles in Ukraine, Spain, and Hungary. The team has eight years of experience, and they are working on both commercial and residential bespoke turnkey projects, from planning solutions to buying decor in the completed interior.

About The Apartment

About The Luxury Apartment

Chicago Sunset is a luxury apartment in the center of Kyiv where they paid particular attention to details, a vintage workbench, and monstrously beautiful sunsets. 

“On the verge of brutality and elegancy – that’s how we can characterize the project’s spirit in a luxury loft-style.” 

The 187 m2 (2012 square feet) luxury apartment is on a tall floor of the same-name residential complex and commands a panoramic view of the city. 

At the outset, these were two separate apartments joined together with the division into the private and standard zones preserved.

The standard part of the apartment presents an airy environment, a real mix of textures, styles, and finishes joined together in a monochrome color array of the interior. 

Luxury Apartment

Metal partitions incorporating handmade ribbed glass separate the entry space with the wardrobe and guest sanitary conveniences from the kitchen, bar, and parlor. Zoning of the area is achieved by the load-bearing columns, which, as it was decided, remained unfinished–they support the metal opening leading to the personal half of the apartments. A vintage workbench from the Netherlands makes the focal point of the interior and serves as the bar counter. 

“We took care about the comfort height of the old bar by putting the workbench on a metal construction.”

Luxury Apartment size

On the left side of the bar, there is a built-in kitchen with a marble island with a split edge, while on the right, one finds a dining table illuminated with a unique luminaire–the Ochre factory balance. 

The divan zone offers a projector and an unbelievably comfortable relaxed armchair of Roche Bobois, while the rattan facades of the commode housing a vinyl playback machine cover the acoustic system. The private section of the flat includes a master zone, a guest room, and laundry.

Comfy Luxury Apartment

The bathroom in this luxury apartment is entirely clad with travertine which makes an intricate stone pattern, while the mirrored cloakroom that creates the effect of infinity has, in its center, an ornate island presenting a showcase for jewelry. Wallboards behind the bed head are made of antique mirrors that cover a storage system incorporating integrated seats arranged in the windows and lighting fittings for reading. The natural materials, dim lighting, and dark ceiling of the bedroom invite to its primary function of rest and refreshment.

The Design Process Of This Luxury Apartment

The Design Process Of This Luxury Apartment

“In Ukraine, the format of buying a home is different as we rarely get an already-made white box from the builder.” 

Originally it was two almost equal in size apartments. After the dismantling, they were merged into one, keeping the division into general and private areas. The zones were connected by a corridor, with the entrance through the opening reinforced by a metal structure, which they decided not to cover and leave as a design element.

Their pride in this project is the timing. Project development took two months, while implementation of the interior took six months, at the peak of the quarantine restrictions. Achieving such an excellent result for a rather large apartment was possible due to the collaborative work of the client, designers, builders, and furniture company. 

The Main Brief Points

Luxury Apartment Bathroom

The main points of the brief were: 

  • Well-thought-out lighting with different scenarios: subdued lighting with backlights and small light sources to achieve a chamber atmosphere, and spotlights used only for cleaning.
  • An antique workbench is used as a bar table. 
  • Dividing the apartment into private and common areas. 
  • Filling the project with extraordinary details (skirting board protectors, mesh metal kitchen fronts, and chipped marble island countertop)
  • A complex layout of the flooring-integrating the client’s collection of art and decor into the interior
  • A projector and sound system with a vinyl player in the living room
  • The automatic curtains in the bedroom synchronized with the phone alarm
  • A travertine bathroom with layouts of different formats and seams going from the floor to the walls. 

More Details

More Details

Each room, flowing from one to another, tells a whole story in this luxury apartment. Despite the brutal materials, the interior does not feel cold. The metal and raw concrete are balanced with the warm parquet, natural textiles, plants, and well-thought-out lighting. “When people ask me what style the interior is made in, I would describe it as Luxury Loft.”

The interior of this luxury apartment is full of a large number of unique details. They would like to highlight the most fascinating and, accordingly, the most difficult to implement elements:

  • The complex travertine layout in the main bathroom, the seams go from the floor to the walls without overlapping, creating an intricate space geometry, and chipped edge of the marble kitchen countertop. 
  • They had to go to the stone manufacturer several times to adjust the degree of chipping to make it look natural, as there was a chance the marble slab could break. In the end, it turned out super cool and tactile!
  • The laborious process of coordinating handmade glass for the glass partitions was also one of the very tricky tasks. Especially for the project, they made samples of different ribbing and shades. There were numerous defects during the production process, and the glass had to be remade.
  • The focal point of the interior is a vintage workbench from the Netherlands, which serves as a bar counter. They took care of the comfortable height of the vintage bar by elevating the workbench on the metal structure. Delivering the workbench to Ukraine turned out to be quite challenging.

More Exciting Details

Luxury Bathroom

In this luxury apartment project, the Chicago Sunset project, the vintage workbench as a bar was inspired by the design of Le Labo perfume boutiques in Berlin. They keep their perfume bottles on the same vintage workbench. Another element of inspiration is the travertine bathroom, inspired by the lobby of the Das Stue Hotel in Berlin. Valentine takes many pictures of exciting details when traveling and then interprets his observations in the project interiors. “I would say my trips are more like a part of my work. I usually try to stay at several hotels and make an extensive list of showrooms, boutiques, and restaurants to visit. It’s kind of an investment in my bank of observations.”

Luxury Apartment


Huge Luxury Apartment

We love the design of this luxury apartment. What we love even more is the story behind it! A lot of effort, inspiration, and hard work was invested in creating such a gorgeous interior design. The Studio Better Place Has done one luxurious yet refined project that we love and that we hope you will love too! 

Keep scrolling for more beautiful images of this luxury apartment, and visit the design studio Better Place website!

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Amazing Luxury Apartment

Big Luxury Apartment


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