Industrial Interior Design for Modern Homes

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Adding sophistication to a modern home is a bit daunting as it is generally divided into three sections: the living room, the kitchen, and the bedrooms/hallways. But how does an industrial interior design work for these buildings? Well, industrial interior design is typically about contrasts that reel in attention. It is a great way to incorporate rustic materials and add character to your home.

What is an industrial interior design?

An industrial interior design is a form of color and space that incorporates rustic materials and sharp contrasts. This form of structure works best for modern homes due to their materials.

The modern industrial interior design creates more opportunities to make your home more exciting and attractive. Taking cues from industrial design is a practical and artistic way to experiment with the building materials to create contrast and spice up your home.

The industrial interior design adds a distinct look that sets your interior apart from the rest. The use of natural wood, metal, stone, or tile works well in creating this type of interior design. The use of these materials makes your home look like an old-world industrial building instead of just an ordinary renovated house.

Via by Roman Kolyada Via, by Roman Kolyada

How to incorporate industrial interior design in modern homes?

Via @designsofcolorado on Instagram Via @designsofcolorado on Instagram

As we said earlier, an industrial interior design is about contrasts and ironworks. A sharp difference between the kitchen and the dining table brings in a feel of old-school warmth. You can incorporate this same idea by introducing rustic materials to modern homes.

The structural elements can use as showpieces or decorative items that create a basic look of an industrial style. The use of steel, rails, pipes, and other architectural elements can use; as a result to add character to your home.

Another distinct feature is the use of lighting. This distinctive feature is seen in old factories and warehouses and has an exciting feel. It combines light, space, and color to achieve a unique look in decor.

The idea behind industrial interior design focuses on the process of finishing or decorating rather than the look itself.

Contrasts in industrial interior design:

Via @artobrick on Instagram location @pitchounbakery on Instagram

Via @artobrick on Instagram (location @pitchounbakery on Instagram)

One of the most common techniques used in this form of interior design is the contrast between texture and color. Pops of bright colors tie textured objects together and add a complete feel to the room. You can apply this technique in a modern home by incorporating wood planks and burlap throw pillows on your couch.

Incorporating industrial interior design in modern homes is an art, but it can be done if you put your heart into it!

Key Elements of Industrial Interior Design

Via @simontalo on Instagram

Via @simontalo on Instagram

Industrial interior design is defined by using raw materials and exposed structures to create a perfect homey feeling despite their coldness. The exposed metal supports also develop a sense of unity with nature, as these properties are common to many factories. However, there are a few key elements to achieve this design within your modern home, which includes –

  • Exposed Brick Walls

Via @kamila.bagniewska on Instagram

Via @kamila.bagniewska on Instagram

Your space will certainly have a casual yet rustic look with exposed brick walls! Exposing a brick wall is a bold design feature but the perfect way to create a comfortable environment that absorbs humidity better than any other material. Raw and rough brick walls will indeed highlight your interior!

Even though most modern homes have drywall plastered over the original brick, exposed brick walls have emerged in many home interior styles, not just industrial ones!

Professional Tip: If you have an exposed brick wall, use bright neon colors and white to create contrast. Black and white is also an excellent choice for highlighting industrial features but ensuring that the room does not look too monotone. The combination of black, gray, brown, and a touch of white adds up to create contrast and ensure that the space seems warmer.

  • Silver Metallic Color Palette

Via @prestigioustextiles on Instagram

Via @prestigioustextiles on Instagram

The use of a silver metallic color palette can bring in a unique look to your home’s interior! The silver metallic color palette will emphasize the space’s industrial look and create a relaxed modern.

  • Touch of Vintage & Antique Pieces

Via @kikuko days at home on Instagram

Via @kikuko_days_at_home on Instagram

The touch of vintage and antique pieces will bring beauty and character to your home! The use of vintage chandeliers, a sleigh bed, or a classic floor lamp is easy to add texture to the space. You can also incorporate an old-fashioned desk or an old-fashioned armchair with a tiny Buddha in addition!

  • Distressed Leather

Via @revampedthecollection on Instagram

Via @revampedthecollection on Instagram

Distressed leather is a must-have in modern homes with sleek designs. The distressed leather will add a rustic feel to the room, which will help emphasize the masculine look that you are trying to achieve.

  • Exposed Metal Beams, Pipes, and Ducts

Via @thelivingdoor on Instagram

Via @thelivingdoor on Instagram

Exposed metal beams, pipes, and ducts are a key element in any industrial interior design. If you have high ceilings or exposed brick walls, then you must expose these elements to create a cohesive look within your space. The purpose of exposing the metal beams and pipes is to break up the coldness that would result from using only brick or concrete.

The exposed metal supports also create a sense of unity with nature, as these properties are common to many factories.

  • Cage Lighting

Via @foursquarefor2 on Instagram

Via @foursquarefor2 on Instagram

Industrial spaces can be defined by using raw materials and exposed structures to create a homey feeling despite their coldness. Cage lighting is one of them!

Cage lighting is a key element in industrial interior design. The use of metal cages with light bulbs creates a unique and sculptural piece that can bring out your home’s industrial features.

The style of industrial interior design suits modern homes very well as compared to contemporary. It is essential to understand that industrial interior design can be interpreted in various ways and achieved uniquely with many unique home designs. First, it is necessary to understand the essence of industrial style, which includes raw materials, structure, and exposed elements.

If you choose an industrial interior design, your space looks more appealing, and the feel is warm despite exposed structure, which is common in industrial areas.

However, industrial interior design sets a different tone for each room. If you are looking for more ideas and tips on industrial interior design, please click here.

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