Mid Century Modern Bathroom: Retro Style with a Contemporary Twist

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Mid Century Modern Bathroom Style With a Modern Twist

Mid-Century Modern is a design movement that emerged in the mid-20th century and is still relevant today. This design style emphasizes simplicity, functionality, and clean lines, with a focus on the use of natural materials and geometric shapes. It is known for its bold colors, patterns, and textures, and the use of industrial materials such as concrete and metal.

In recent years, Mid-Century Modern has gained popularity in bathroom design, as homeowners are looking to add a vintage and stylish touch to their bathrooms. Mid Century Modern bathrooms offer a combination of timeless and trendy design elements that create a unique and sophisticated look.

In this blog post, we will explore various Mid-Century Modern bathroom ideas that can help you create a retro-style bathroom with a contemporary twist. These ideas will cover everything from color choices and materials to fixtures and accessories and vanity designs to flooring and wall decor options.

By incorporating these ideas, you can create a unique and stylish Mid-Century Modern bathroom that combines vintage design elements with modern aesthetics.

Color Choices and Materials for Mid-Century Modern Bathrooms

A key characteristic of Mid-Century Modern bathrooms is the use of bold and vibrant colors, as well as natural materials. Here are some ideas for color choices and materials to use in your Mid Century Modern bathroom.

Exploring Mid-Century Modern Color Schemes

Color Choices and Materials for a Mid-Century Modern Bathroom

Image: Adam Albright

Mid-Century Modern color schemes are known for their bold and vibrant colors. Some of the most popular colors for this design style include deep blues, greens, oranges, and yellows, as well as muted shades of pink and gray.

One approach to using color in a Mid-Century Modern bathroom is to choose a vibrant color for the walls, such as a deep blue or green, and complement it with a more subdued color for the fixtures and accessories, such as white or beige. Alternatively, you can use a bold color for the fixtures, such as a bright yellow sink, and contrast it with a more neutral wall color.

The Use of Ceramic Tiles and Natural Wood in Mid-Century Modern Bathrooms

The Use of Ceramic Tiles and Natural Wood in Mid-Century Modern Bathrooms

Image: ellie-lillstrom.com

Incorporating natural materials is a fundamental element of Mid-Century Modern design. For flooring and walls, ceramic tiles in bold patterns, shapes, and colors are a popular choice for a Mid-Century Modern bathroom. They add a touch of texture and character to the space while keeping the overall look clean and simple.

Natural wood is another popular material for Mid-Century Modern bathrooms. Use wood for the cabinets, and countertops, or even as paneling for the walls to add warmth and texture to the space. Remember to keep the wood grain pattern visible to create an authentic Mid-Century Modern look.

By using bold and vibrant colors and natural materials, you can create a unique and stylish Mid-Century Modern bathroom. These design elements are a perfect blend of retro and contemporary styles that add warmth and character to your bathroom.

Fixtures and Accessories for Mid-Century Modern Bathrooms

The fixtures and accessories you choose for your Mid Century Modern bathroom play a crucial role in achieving an authentic retro style with a contemporary twist. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Showcasing Popular Sink Styles and Faucet Finishes of the Mid-Century Era

Showcasing Popular Sink Styles and Faucet Finishes of the Mid-Century Era

Image: mellon-studio.com

One of the most iconic sink styles from the Mid-Century era is the wall-mounted sink. These sinks are perfect for smaller bathrooms because they do not take up much space. Another popular style is the pedestal sink, which features a free-standing pedestal base that supports the sink.

For faucet finishes, chrome and brass were the most popular choices during the Mid-Century era. Chrome provides a sleek and shiny finish that complements the clean lines of the design, while brass adds warmth and a touch of elegance to the space.

Using Pendant Lights, Mirrors, and Other Accessories to Complement the Mid-Century Modern Look

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Image: David Land

To complete the Mid-Century Modern look in your bathroom, consider using pendant lights, mirrors, and other accessories that were popular during that era. Pendant lights are a great choice because they provide ample lighting and add a touch of elegance to the space. Choose a pendant light fixture that features clean lines and geometric shapes.

Mirrors are another key element of Mid-Century Modern design. Look for a mirror with a frame that features a bold design, such as a sunburst or geometric pattern. You can also consider using a medicine cabinet with a mirrored front and a simple frame to add extra storage and a touch of retro style to your bathroom.

Other accessories that can complement the Mid-Century Modern look include wall art, rugs, and shower curtains. Look for pieces that feature bold colors, geometric shapes, and clean lines.

Incorporating these fixtures and accessories can help you achieve an authentic Mid Century Modern bathroom that is both stylish and functional.

Vanity Designs and Storage Options for Mid-Century Modern Bathrooms

When it comes to Mid Century Modern bathroom vanities, there are several design options to choose from that can add a vintage touch to your space. Here are a few ideas:

Floating Vanity

Floating Vanity

Via wwmake.com

A floating vanity is a popular choice for Mid Century Modern bathrooms because it creates an open and airy feel. Look for a vanity with a simple design, clean lines, and a natural wood finish or a bold color.

Freestanding Vanity

Freestanding Vanity

Via kartonrepublic.com


A freestanding vanity is another option that can add a retro touch to your bathroom. Choose a vanity with a unique shape, like an asymmetrical or rounded design, to give it a Mid Century Modern feel. Look for a natural wood finish or a bold color to complete the look.

In terms of storage options, Mid Century Modern bathrooms are known for their minimalism and functionality. Here are a few ideas for creating a clutter-free space:

Wall-Mounted Storage

Wall-Mounted Storage

Via westelm.com

To keep your bathroom counter clear, consider adding wall-mounted storage options like open shelves or a medicine cabinet. Choose a design with clean lines and a natural wood finish to keep with the Mid-Century Modern theme.

Built-In Storage

Built-In Storage

Via @burcharddesignco on Instagram

Built-in storage is another popular option for Mid-Century Modern bathrooms. Consider adding a recessed shelf in the shower or a custom vanity with drawers and cabinets for maximum storage.

By combining unique vanity designs with functional storage options, you can create a Mid Century Modern bathroom that is both stylish and practical.

Flooring and Wall Decor Options for Mid-Century Modern Bathrooms

When it comes to creating a Mid Century Modern bathroom, the flooring and wall decor are important elements that can help tie the whole look together. Here are some options to consider:


Mid-Century Modern bathrooms often feature tile or linoleum flooring with bold patterns or bright colors. Look for geometric shapes or abstract designs in shades of brown, green, or blue. If you prefer a more minimalist look, consider natural wood flooring in a warm tone.

Wall Decor

There are several options for wall decor in a Mid Century Modern bathroom. One popular option is to use wallpaper with a bold, abstract design in shades of brown, green, or blue. Alternatively, you could add a mural or wall paneling in a natural wood finish. Keep the lines clean and the colors bold to stay true to the Mid Century Modern style.

Accent Tiles

For a more subtle touch, consider adding accent tiles in the shower or around the vanity. Look for geometric shapes or abstract designs in a bold color or natural wood finish. Accent tiles can add a touch of visual interest to your Mid Century Modern bathroom without overwhelming the space.

By choosing the right flooring and wall decor options, you can create a Mid Century Modern bathroom that is both functional and stylish. Keep the lines clean, the colors bold, and the patterns geometric to stay true to the Mid-Century Modern style.

Bringing the Mid-Century Modern Bathroom into the 21st Century

Bringing the Mid Century Modern Bathroom into the 21st Century is all about finding the balance between the old and the new. Here are some ways to incorporate contemporary elements into your Mid Century Modern bathroom:

Use modern materials

Incorporating modern materials such as glass, concrete, and metal into your bathroom can give it a sleek, contemporary look while still maintaining its Mid Century Modern vibe.

Install modern technology

Updating your bathroom with modern technology can help enhance its functionality and make it more efficient. Consider installing features like heated floors, digital shower systems, or smart lighting to give your bathroom a modern touch.

Mix and match

Incorporate contemporary elements, such as a modern bathtub or sink, with vintage elements like a Mid Century Modern vanity or lighting fixtures, to create a space that blends the old and the new seamlessly.

Use bold accents

Add a pop of color or a bold pattern to your bathroom to bring a contemporary feel. Consider adding a brightly colored shower curtain, a statement piece of artwork, or a bold wallpaper to create a contemporary twist.

Keep it minimal

A key element of contemporary design is simplicity. Keep your bathroom clean, uncluttered, and minimalistic by incorporating built-in storage solutions and choosing sleek, simple fixtures.

By incorporating contemporary elements into your Mid Century Modern bathroom, you can create a space that is both functional and visually appealing. The key is to find a balance that works for your style and taste.


In conclusion, Mid-Century Modern style bathrooms are an excellent way to incorporate a vintage yet contemporary look into your home.By focusing on color choices and materials, fixtures, and accessories, vanity designs and storage options, flooring, and wall decor, and bringing the Mid Century Modern bathroom into the 21st century, you can create a beautiful and functional space that will transport you back in time while still feeling modern and up-to-date.

We hope that these ideas have inspired you to create a Mid Century Modern bathroom of your own, and we encourage you to experiment with different styles and elements to make it truly unique. With some careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a stunning bathroom that you’ll love for years to come. Also, if you enjoyed reading this article, consider reading our other ones by clicking here.


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