10+ Best Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Ideas

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If you are looking for the best ideas for mid-century modern interior design, you’ve come across the right place. We have curated our list of the top 10+ best mid-century modern interior design ideas to equip you with inspiration. Today, we will talk about this type of design, why it was called that way, and more things, including the selections we picked. Keep reading to find out more!

What Is The Mid-Century Modern House? 

Designed by Craig Ellwood in 1965, restored by Woods + Dangaran

Mid-century modern style is depicted by the low footprint, floor-to-ceiling windows, and ample open space; It concentrates on obtaining the outside. There are no ornaments; it has clean lines and muted curves, emphasizing functionality. In mid-century modern design, the colors mainly used are ochre, orange, brown, and mustard yellow. Although the type took place in the late 1940s, it has recently become prevalent again, and many people find inspiration in mid-century modern design.

Why Is It Called Mid-Century Modern?

Why Is It Called Mid-Century Modern?

Casa Ugalde, designed by José Antonio Coderch, located in Caldes D’estrac, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, and built in 1952

Photo by Lluís Casals

During the post-World War II years, Cara Greenberg coined the term Mid Century Modern to define a style of architecture and furniture design in the US. Mid-century modern homes are mainly present in California in the United States, specifically Palm Springs. 

What To Have In Mind When Designing?

What To Have In Mind When Designing?

Maison Gauthier, designed by Jean Prouvé, located in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, Vosges, France, built 1962

Image credit: Manuel Bougot

When creating this type of interior design, the essential thing to remember is to use some of the following materials and practices. The design emphasizes the use of different bold colors and graphic patterns. Using materials like wood and combining them with organic geometric shapes will create a unique design.

When decorating the area, it is a great practice to use minimal and simple decor items, oppose materials and textures, and use natural things like plants. It is also a great practice to research the particular style so that you understand the design a little more in case you haven’t done any research so that you can create a space that looks even better. 

What Is Considered Mid-Century Modern? 

What Is Considered Mid-Century Modern? 

It is made over the course of just two days, 11 modules were installed on a lot in Santa Monica.

The Adelaide House designed by KDK LTD

While it is difficult to determine which one belongs to the style, it defines the architectural design, graphic design, and furniture from the mid-last century. As far as the furniture, some iconic pieces like Eames Longue Chair never stopped producing like many pieces that sopped back in the 90s.

Though some items never stopped being made, getting yourself one would be challenging unless you hired someone who could do that for you. And if we talk about many other things that belong to mid-century modern, the style is still present nowadays. Many items produced in the 1950s are still being used, at least in design. You will come across at least some of the pieces designed in that style wherever you go nowadays. 

Conclusion And More Selections

Conclusion And More Selections

Via Decorilla

As we talked about in this article, the mid-century modern style was popular in the mid 20th century; it is defined by the clean lines, muted curves, floor to ceiling windows, and colors like ochre, orange, brown, and mustard yellow, which were the primary colors in that style. It is focused on obtaining the outside and inside, making it one of the main features of that design type.

The term Mid Century Modern was coined by Cara Greenberg to specify a style of architecture and furniture design in the US after World War II. The main elements of the mid-century modern are wood, graphic patterns, organic geometric shapes, and more. 

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you learned something new today and found inspiration in some of the curated images. If you found this article helpful, consider reading some of our other blog posts by clicking here, and don’t forget to scroll further for more selections. 

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The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

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Scott & Scott Architects

Wooden ceiling and iconic George Nelson additions give the room a Midcentury appeal

Via nestmodern.com

Gorgeous living room puts the focus on seamless indoor outdoor interplay

Caterpillar House  by Jeffers Design Group

Midcentury family room with a lovely couch in bold blue

Amy Lynne Vogel Photographers

Smart Midcentury modern living room with bright pops of yellow

 Amy Lau Design


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