Modern Living Room Wall Shelving Units

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A few things can never replace, let alone be eliminated, no matter how much technology advances or house renovations get more thoughtful and more modern – for example, wall shelving units.

Wall shelving units are an essential piece of domestic equipment that has been around since the beginning of time. Wall shelving units are necessary for every home because they allow you to keep things like collectibles, books, and countless other items that would otherwise scatter on the floor and furniture. A correct shelving system helps you to decorate and beautify your home by proudly displaying exquisite adornments and ornaments that are generally packed away in the attic, in addition to giving storage space and keeping the house orderly.

Whether for creative storage space or interior decor, wall shelving units are perfect! Here I’ve compiled a list of wall shelving units for modern living rooms; choose one among them for your need or decorative.

Living Room Wall Shelving Units For Extra Storage

1. Wall Mounted Shelving Units

Via @boschdiyandgarden on Instagram

Via @boschdiyandgarden on Instagram

A wall-mounted shelf is an excellent and highly recommended choice for a living room. Even though your living room walls are already occupied by other focal points like art, plants, or a television, you can still create lovely wall shelving units that add style and storage space to your home. A brilliant idea to use these wall-mounted shelves effectively is by putting them high up on the walls so that the lower section of shelves can use for decorative objects and storage boxes underneath for books and things you use more frequently.

2. Floating Shelves

Via @ourviennaliving on Instagram

Via @ourviennaliving on Instagram

A floating shelf is another useful option for the living room. Floating shelves are one of the best wall shelving units for modern people looking for a way to get more storage space without actually building a shelf. With these shelves, you don’t need to paint or create anything; you need to secure them onto the wall, and then you can attach them with screws or nails into the drywall.

3. Corner Shelves

Via @interiorsstorageanddeclutter on Instagram

Via @interiorsstorageanddeclutter on Instagram

Corner shelves are also a good choice for a modern living room. Corner wall shelving units can be adjustable, so you can use them for various purposes depending on your fancy. They are commonly used to hold decorative items, books, and other knickknacks.

4. Stair Shelving

Via @spacetidy on Instagram

Via @spacetidy on Instagram

This tiny and awkwardly shaped stairway section can be converted into functional storage space in your living room with a bit of creativity. Fortunately, this often-overlooked area beneath the stairwell is suitable for drawers and cabinets.

You can also use it to bring orders to your laundry or linen closet by storing clothes in the unit that you can access with stairs. From book library to kitchen pantry, you can make use of it.

5. Hexagonal Shelves

Via @bruntsfield designs on Instagram

Via @bruntsfield_designs on Instagram

Hexagonal wall shelving units are best for creating a geometric pattern. You can choose to use an equal number of shelving units for a balanced, symmetrical style or fewer for something more interesting. It is perfect for modern and traditional designs to showcase small items and knickknacks. A hexagon shelf is a product that adds personality to a room, so let’s consider it when you plan for a renovation.

6. Fishbone Shelves

Via by B Line

Via, by B-Line

If you want to add some touch of uniqueness to your living room with wall shelving units, try fishbone shelving! This design is known as adaptable shelving as it can adapt to your space by utilizing multitudes of configurations. They look like the skeleton of a fish in a pond because they are so skinny and narrow. Also, it can serve as a library shelf, wall-mount storage, or just as a decorative piece. It can be made of plywood and bent steel plates. It allows for different compositions and can grow vertically and horizontally.

7. Built-In Wall Shelving Units

Via @stefanasilber on Instagram

Via @stefanasilber on Instagram

Built-in shelves are less complicated than other types of shelves, and they are pretty helpful because they provide a lot of storage space without looking cluttered. As the name implies, built-in shelves are ‘built-in’ to corners or vacant spots in your home. For example, alcoves and similar spaces can transform into built-in shelf units.

You can, however, purchase shelves that are specifically designed for this purpose, or you can order custom wall shelving units to match your indented walls for a more polished and elegant effect.

8. Bamboo Wall Shelving Units

Via @jamesstreethomedecor on Instagram

Via @jamesstreethomedecor on Instagram

Natural elemental wall shelving units are perfect for a room with a tropical theme to it. Bamboo can create a natural ambiance in your living room that you won’t get from metal or wooden shelves. It can fit into any interior and brings Boho chic look that will add an authentic touch to your living room.

You can use this bamboo shelving to display photo frames, houseplants, cutlery sets, etc.

9. Wall Storage

Via @tammycr on Instagram

Via @tammycr on Instagram

A wall storage unit is an excellent piece of furniture to place in your living room for decorating purposes. It is pretty simple to make one without spending much money, and it comes in different shapes and sizes. You can mount this wall storage unit and put some fresh flowers or indoor hanging plants.

10. Sculptured Wall Shelving Units

By Porada

By Porada

Sculptured wall shelving units can adjust into different shapes based on your needs and preferences. These wall shelving units come in incredibly detailed figures and are perfect for bringing a modern yet stunning look into your living room. You can have it in various shapes like U, V, or any other animal forms like an eagle, parrot, and many different shapes as your desire.

Along with these wall shelving units, there are many other shelving options and customized shelving units to choose from. Take all these into consideration before planning or implementing your ideas on walls.

Here is the conclusion about the best wall shelving units for modern living rooms; I hope this list will help you select one for yourself.

I’d love to see your comments below!

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