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Welcome to our blog post! Today, we will talk about our top 3 favorite interior design Instagram accounts!

Starting with Gini D. @interiorbygini

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Your apartment is supposed to be a sacred place of yours. It is a place where you should feel the most comfortable and at home, which is why when it comes to searching for an apartment, you should rely on that wow effect to win you over. When looking for an apartment, Gini had only two requirements: a herringbone flooring and high ceilings.

A major plus would have been if the apartment also had double-winged doors and large windows. Gini was very fortunate to discover an apartment that is located in a traditional townhouse from about 1860 and is approximately 70 m2 (753 square feet).

After they had moved in, they decided to make their new apartment feel more at home. They started with attaching stucco in the living room while the kitchen is currently being renovated. A few more details have also been added for the traditional and elegant looks of the rooms. And just as Gini says,

“I think that the ambiance and the unfurnished rooms have to create a unique atmosphere. Furnishing then only adds a finishing touch.”

we clearly couldn’t agree more with the statement. And that is what they managed to reach by attaching stucco to the walls. Regarding the style, Gini says that it’s a mix of Scandinavian and French chic.

Simone Polk @polkenstudio

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Simone Polk is an artist that uses her home as a gallery for showcasing their artworks for an international audience on Instagram via @polkenstudio. Simone lives in a two-story apartment with her husband and daughter in the middle of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

She says that she has always been very passionate about interior design and architecture and that one of her biggest inspirations is Danish designer Finn Juhl. In addition to that, she is a devotee of creamy color palettes, wood, and old books. There is nothing better than discovering beauty in things that surround us, and perhaps artists have a sixth sense for that. Just as Simone says,

“As an artist, I’m obsessed with texture, and especially the wrinkly pages of a favorite book, that has been read many times. It is one of the most beautiful things if you ask me.”

we can understandably see the passionate mind of an artist. Simone’s apartment with her family was built in 1898, and it is around 128 m2. They haven’t done much of renovating it, other than getting a simple new kitchen, and before their purchase, the second story was made of the old attic. 

Sedsel Roug @sedselroug


Sedsel Roug is an interior designer based in Copenhagen, and when it comes to decor, she loves an eclectic mix of vintage and found objects that are collected over time and tell their own peculiar story. Just as Sedsel says,

“Decorating your home should be like a book where you enjoy the journey rather than the end.”

Quite frankly, we couldn’t agree more with that statement. They like to deal with scale, shape, and placement since it’s the intuition she likes to follow when creating a home.

She says that her home doesn’t reflect a certain trend or something which is currently popular, but rather a mix of things that move her and tell a certain story. She believes that it’s the very opposite of elements that magically creates a curious balance and calmness.

The account owner is very passionate about wooden vintage objects. The little eight-figured stool in their living room is most likely her favorite piece of furniture that she owns. She believes that wood becomes even more ravishing as time passes, and the more it’s been used the better.

Vintage wooden furniture brings so much warmth and tranquility into one’s home, and we shall never be afraid of mixing and combining different sorts of wood. Each aspect of Sedsel Roug’s home tells us a different story – from their table that has stains from glasses to their floors that are worn because of kids running around. It tells us a story about finding beauty in imperfections, and as Sedsel said, “Life isn’t perfect and stains and patina don’t ruin your space but shows that life was lived there”.

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