Reading Corner Design For Kids Study

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Parents always worry about their kid’s studies as it is essential; therefore, parents start with oral motivation, and sometimes it may end in a serious argument or warning. So, we come up with some creative ideas to encourage your kid to study. That is Reading Corner Design in your home!

A reading corner design is an inviting literacy-rich environment that stimulates kids to study, and that space mainly consists of educational toys, storybooks, comfortable seating, and reading essentials. The concept of a reading corner is to create a space that inspires families with young children to enjoy books together.

Why Is A Reading Corner Important?

Reading is an essential part of a child’s development and educational needs. They do not only learn to read in school, but they also develop many skills while they are enjoying reading. Children are so curious by nature that they can learn anything by themselves; reading corner design is exactly recommended for that purpose.

Reading corner design includes all the reading essentials that encourage kids to learn new things in a fun way and make them understand difficult topics simply. These reading corner designs can customize to incorporate amazing stories or characters as it helps kids play or enjoy their study time. This regular reading activity routine helps the children think effectively and solve their problems better.

Reading Corner Design For Kids Study

1. Accent Wall:

Via @kadilakhomes on Instagram

Via @kadilakhomes on Instagram

A reading corner design with an accent wall is trendy. An accent wall can be created in different materials, colors, designs, and even with wallpaper. The corner seating, a wall sconce reading light, and cheerful palette colored pillows bring a cozy feel to make your kid snuggle up with a good book.

2. Built-in Reading Corner:

From © A Place to Call Home by Gil Schafer Photo by Eric Piasecki

From © A Place to Call Home by Gil Schafer, Photo by Eric Piasecki

A built-in reading corner is best for a small room and is designed to fit in the corner; thus, it is a slider. It can be opened and closed and is incredibly convenient.

Adding a creative bookshelf, fluffy rug, and a couple of throw pillows will make kids love the space!

3. Custom Reading Corner Design:

Via @meet the taylors on Instagram

Via @meet_the_taylors on Instagram

A reading corner design with books and containers at the end of each row is trendy. Also, customizable as per your space and other requirements.

Kids can sit down comfortably in this space even if they have short legs, so they can stretch and feel comfortable doing their homework or studying.

4. Window Nook:

Via @roundtreeconstruction on Instagram Architect Selin and Selin Architecture

Via @roundtreeconstruction on Instagram, Architect – Selin and Selin Architecture

A corner window nook is an ingenious design as it is not only a reading corner but also provides natural light in the room. A window nook is electrically/manually operated, and kids can open or close the curtains whenever they want.

Letting natural light and the freshness of the air makes kids stay awake while reading or writing, which also helps in creative thinking.

5. Book Storage:

Via @interiorswag on Instagram

Via @interiorswag on Instagram

Book storage in a corner, as kids have many books, this space can use to store their books. This space you can use for other purposes as well, like you may store anything that your kid loves to keep, like toys, dolls, or anything else.

Adding a fluffy rug or a bean bag makes the space near book storage a reading corner. Thus kids can choose the book that they want without moving, which avoids distraction.

6. Attic Gateway:

Via @aworldfullofstudies on Instagram

Via @aworldfullofstudies on Instagram

The attic gateway reading corner design is best for study space in the attic. The room may be small, but it is spacious to keep anything that belongs to your kid.

The tiny and cozy space gives peace of mind to read, privacy to read aloud, and space to keep their study belongings in one place.

How To Create A Simple Reading Corner?

Doesn’t have enough space to incorporate a reading corner design in your home? No worries, still, there are a few ways to make space for your kid’s study within the tiny space.

  • Create a reading corner by adding an armchair with a throw pillow in your living room. It can use by anyone for watching TV at other times but make sure to turn off the TV while your kid is reading.
  • Turn your living room shelf into book storage, mostly the last two cupboards, and place a fluffy rug or bean bag for a comfortable reading position.
  • Except for the dining hours, your dining table is of no use. So, turn it into a study table for your kid. If you also start reading a storybook or a novel with your kid at the dining table, it makes your kids think like a study hour even though they know it’s a dining table.
  • If your home has internal stairs (inside the house), it is the best place to create a study space. Add a study lamp and a throw pillow for comfortable seating.
  • Create a reading corner design with a curtain or built-in sliders and bookshelves, this kind of design is best for small spaces.
  • If you have a yard/patio, it’s excellent to create a space for reading with a few items, like two chairs, pillows, and an umbrella. Also, if necessary, you can use lying bean bags or cushions. Or even having the garden as the reading corner space can make kids relax while studying.

The concept of a reading corner design can be used in tiny homes and large houses; there are no specific measurements as long as it makes your kid comfy. So choose the right to encourage your kid to study effectively in an enjoyable way.


A reading corner is not a place to study alone; instead, it will be where your kid wants to study because it’s his favorite corner. Make your home an attractive place for your kids to stay with some creative ideas like making a reading corner. It will help them learn better, and it helps to make space for homework.

I hope that this article, “Reading Corner Design For Kids Study,” provides you with a creative idea to make space for your kid’s study hour.

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