Ceiling Art: 7 Creative Bedroom Ceiling Designs to Inspire Your Next Project

by planetofinterior

Want to add some elegance to your bedroom interior? Then what did you think first, “bedroom decor, bedroom door, furniture, or walls”? But top of all these, we must first consider the bedroom ceiling designs. Ceilings are often overlooked, but some artful ceiling designs can transform the look of a room from ordinary to extraordinary.

Importance Of Bedroom Ceiling Design?

Just look around you; in most cases, the ceiling is the thing that you’ll see first when you enter into any room. The bedroom is no different. The bedroom ceiling designs must keep simple to give your bedroom a sense of peace and calmness. It’s also essential as it can add some flair to your room decor.

You can play with the various wall color, furniture, and other interior decorations, but sometimes it’s all about the ceiling itself that adds and creates the beauty of your room.

Top Bedroom Ceiling Design 2022

Bedroom ceiling design is not just a design element; it allows combining textures, colors, shapes, designs, lighting elements all together to create a character for your space. Here is the list of top 7 bedroom ceiling designs to choose from as per your interest and your bedroom interior requirement.

1. Modern Ceiling Design For Bedroom

The first bedroom ceiling design is the modern ceiling design that adds simplicity and elegance to your room’s interior. This bedroom ceiling design mixes with white, black, and brown colors, and you can also add some light bulbs to give it a sense of glamour.

This modern ceiling design for the bedroom will make your room more stylish and elegant as you can add more furniture such as sofa, table, chairs, etc., to convert to a large-sized room. The modern decor also gives you an advantage as you can use various furniture combinations as you like. You may choose to put a big bed in the center of the room with a hanging lamp above it.

exposed wooden beans ceiling design Via @osburnbuilds on Instagram

2. False Ceiling Design For Bedroom

Another bedroom ceiling design is the false ceiling, also called dropped ceilings. The false ceiling design is more complex as it combines various colors and textures. You’ll choose the background wall color, which gives you a chance to incorporate any other furnishing such as faux fur, leather couch, chairs, etc.

This false ceiling design for a bedroom comes to light with various purposes like hiding light fixtures, wiring of ventilation systems, etc. You can use wood, glass, fabric, and fiber to achieve the exact false ceiling design effect you desire.

minimalist bedroom ceiling design

Via @kampstudios on Instagram

3. Wood Ceiling Design For Bedroom

Nothing given more warmth than wood and wooden ceiling design for bedroom is one of the ways to incorporate that warmth into your interior. Wooden bedroom ceiling design is an evergreen fashion for interiors as it gives a vintage feel to remind people of their olden days.

Wood can be available in many grains and textures and is also convenient to pain. Also, it can fit into any style of interior regardless of size, season, and budget.

wooden beams bedroom ceiling design Via @bigassfans on Instagram

4. Pop Ceiling Design For Bedroom

This POP bedroom ceiling design gives you a touch of class to your bedroom interior. POP, Plaster of Paris, is the most commonly used material for false ceiling design.

This POP bedroom ceiling design is ideal for concealing centralized air conditioning equipment and covering plain ceilings. Also, customized in various sizes shapes and combined with multiple shades of light brown and white.

classic bedroom ceiling design

Via @swimming_in_passion on Instagram

5. Simple Ceiling Design For Bedroom

The simple ceiling design for the bedroom is the simplest yet most luxurious one! Adding bright LED lights on the corners gives a finishing touch to the recessed style roof.

Also, placing the sophisticated decorative piece on the side is the focal point, giving the area a fresh look. Keeping the rest of the interior color scheme white might help you create a vibrant atmosphere.

bedroom ceiling design with recessed lighting Via @ekin.design on Instagram

6. Gypsum Ceiling Design For Bedroom

If you like vivid colors, then this Gypsum ceiling design for the bedroom is guaranteed to appeal to you! The elegant suspended ceiling is made out of colored blocks arranged in contrasting patterns.

Various Gypsum panels are available in the market that is easy to install on-site to create fantastic appeal to your bedroom ceiling design. These Gypsum panels are prefabricated with high durability and available at a low cost.

modern bedroom ceiling design Via @kenwaybp on Instagram

7. Fall Ceiling Design For Bedroom

If you are designing your bedroom ceiling with traditional interior decor, then this fall ceiling design for the bedroom is perfect! Combining these wooden beams is a definite must-have for anyone who wants to create a warm and welcoming space.

These wooden beams are made from premium quality steel that has been given a shine to resemble natural wood. You can install them over the existing roof; making sliding or folding them is also easy as it’s done by hand.

rustic bedroom ceiling Via @ginastocks on Instagram

If you want to add some elegance and glamour to your bedroom interior, consider the above-listed ceiling designs. The simplest yet most luxurious ceiling design for a bedroom is the additional aspect and most required touch to add character. Whether it’s a master bedroom, kid bedroom, or small bedroom, giving character is essential and possible with bedroom ceiling designs only.

That completes our list of top 7 bedroom ceiling designs! Before installing your chosen ceiling design for the bedroom, consider every aspect from pattern to lights and material type to budget. Being aware of every little part is better than knowing nothing about your personal space.

I hope you find your inspiration to execute your thoughts along with the above trendy bedroom ceiling designs! To find more about bedroom interior design ideas or tips, click here.

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